Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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  • slingdaddy

Emran, 13 Feb 2009Hi mates, i bought this little beauty yesterday n found it prett... morebro jus go to your outbox and cancel any message which could not be delivered or which has been deffered. if u dont want to delete it then jus move it to ur drafts...there ur problem is solved!

  • Anonymous

I am unable to send msg why, msg center number is correct

  • wlk

Compare with the new released Nokia 5630XM,i still love Nokia 5320XM style!

  • RBa

Johan, 12 Feb 2009Hi rba the phone ya thinking bout, is only announced this month... moreYeah dude I will sure get the 5630 XM when it's out. I bet its starting price will be a tad lower than the starting price of the 5320 XM.
5320 XM was announced to have a starting price of 220 Euros before taxes and subsidies while 5630 XM has just been announced a few days ago to have a starting price of 200 Euros before taxes and subsidies. So i'll sure get that phone because at a price tag like that, WiFi is not really something that you should expect.

Well good luck for your N79 buddy! : )

  • lola13

hi RBa...
can u help me... my 5320 does not produce any sound when im taking picture... how to switch on the sound? n btw, does dis fon have sound when we taking picture...???

  • RBa

super__saiyan, 12 Feb 2009Wassup RBa.long tym no see(fight)hmm.(ahhhhh wat a stupid i was ... moreLol. That was funny to ponder all over those days again.. Your welcome dude!..
So what phone are you using now?

  • Emran

Hi mates, i bought this little beauty yesterday n found it pretty cool. It's got enough guts to surprise anyone with its features for very little price to pay.

Actually i want you people to help me in an issue, there is a message sign blinking constantly all the time on the top right corner close to battery strength indicator, how can i get rid of this problem? Is there anything to do with the memory or the message settings? I've got 1GB memory card with almost no data in it and also phone memory hasn't been used a lot yet. Also there are no unread messages in the inbox.
I'll be great full if anyone comes up with a handy solution,,,Cheers

  • Abeer

Can any1 help me? I wanna buy this cell phone 5320xm!is it a good phone to use?and mainly um givin effort to music camera nd stuffz...if u can tell me plz mail me @( i dnt check gsm regulrly:) thanx XD.

  • Aamir

How can i turn-off the camera shutter sound?

  • Aravind

mo, 12 Feb 2009how do i do video calling on this phone? coz wen i video call it... moreGo to application settings and change camera settings to use secondary camera. Secondary camera is the camera on the front.

  • Johan

Hi rba
the phone ya thinking bout, is only announced this month..its not even out yet and without considering the price and the final outcome ,i won't dream bout the phone but i'm pretty satisfied wit the config , esp d processor and ya the display needs improvement but anyways for d time being i'm thinking bout n79..what i really need is just d wifi

  • Johan

Hi hans
hm i haven't used se k850 thou but as far as i know it doesn't have a touch screen on d 1st place, i hope your not using the chinese version of it, but anyways if your using the original se k850i, i personally think you should stick wit it instead of getting a nokia 5320xm, even thou this xm is based on symbian os ..its not gonna be a big deal if ya aint that crazy for softwares and again the softwares aint of much use its just the curiosity of the user to use it, basic n most useful softwares are already given on yo se k850i i guess,and dude if your not satisfied wit a se 5mpxl camera ya won't even take pictures wit a nokia 2mpxl camera lol and your se k850i also got a accelerometer which this nokia phone lacks, even high end nokia phones lackz stick wit wat ya got

  • Johan

Hi super sayian
hmm i used se w8oo once long ago..but from my previous experience i prefer this xpress music, but again w8oo is a really very old phone and comparing that phone with this phones music capability wont be rite so i really don't have a strong support for nokia here as i didn't used new w series phones, but i can assure ya that this xm phone is better than other xm except 58oo in terms of sound quality...umm and the video playback of this phone is awesome no lagz with pretty good quality qvga 3gp files i even fried flv files which works fine on real player and also used coreplayer for playing divx,mpeg, and avi files with qvga res it absolutely fluid and smooth

  • yusuf

Has anybody used USB charging cable with this phone or any other nokia phone?

  • RIF

Erfan, 12 Feb 2009Hi.i want to buy a new 5320 a good phone or no?who can ... more5320 is the best

  • solange


  • Trevor

It,s nice fon. It has good colours and good size.
I like the memory size, it's not that bad. One gets value for money on buying a nokia 5320

  • super__saiyan

Wassup RBa.long tym no see(fight)hmm.(ahhhhh wat a stupid i was back in those dys.)anyways tnx 4d conv bro.

  • Erfan

Hi.i want to buy a new 5320 a good phone or no?who can answer me?

  • gie-em

5320 vs rokr E8

camera quality:
5320:good image quality
rokr E8:average because there is a magenta color appearing in the middle

sound quality: they have almost the same features but in 5320 it feature a say and play

conclusion: my opinion is go for nokia 5320 because it has a lot more feature but if you want a cool look and a morphing keypad go for rokr e8

if you have questions just post here