Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

set you date to past like 1/12/2007

  • marshy

this phone is great, but i have troubles in installing themes...can somebody help me? tnx...


wow u guys this phone is amazing in bed and the camera is great for taking pictures of yourself in fake avirex jackets!!!!

  • Egg

This Phone is so COOL!but battery life..sigh.
i bought it few days's kinda confusing for me when starting with's not as USER FRIENDLY as some Classic/s40 phones. NOT tht flexible,eg the "mark" system n so on.

oya, may i noe izit possible for me to download previous N GAGE games into this phone?eg,the popular SONIC N n RayMan 3..i love both this game..n more..
i tried the same method as install in 6600/7610 old symbian phone.. but,it doesn't work! it cant support ? or wat? anyone can teach me?urgent!!!
oya, i m using a 4gb card, it s quite smooth,but my music player kinda lag for sometime.. 900+songs.. when typing to search it's laggy... but it s ok to me..i love this phone so much! the camera not bad..flash strong..

i just wanna noe... may i download old n gage games into it? HOW?
n there s lots of SIS file cant be supported..sigh..
n quickoffice... i used to view all type of format of files,but i cant edit it.. i need license/key, possible to get free one?

PRO, HELp! thx!

  • AJ

fadi, 29 Nov 2008its simple and easy press play by the music multimedia keytry the nokia 6220


Tee, 29 Nov 2008I use a 5320 xm but so far I have been able to install only java... moreU can install symbian application but only sisx format. That is u have to install s60 3rd edition softwares only.

  • Gm

JB, 26 Nov 2008The main difference between 5320 and 5310 are, 1. 5320 has S60 ... more5310 do not have flash

  • mike

setting the date and time gives you system error!

  • JB

ruinai, 30 Nov 2008I just bought this phone a while ago and I think this is awesome... moreFlash: I have not faced/noticed this issue. Try setting the flash to 'on' instead of automatic if its not done yet.
Firmware: The latest version is v3.26. There is no noticeable improvement from v3.08. Caution: The new version is unhackable!

  • Irhas

Hello guys, 4 u those have this fone, how is the camera quality of 2mp 5320xm compare to 2mp n70. Same or worst? Please i wanna know...thanx.

  • ruinai

I just bought this phone a while ago and I think this is awesome. I used to own a 6120 which I think is similar to 5320 in a lot of aspects. I think 5320 is simply an improved version or the sportier version of the 6120. Overall it's fantastic. I just have one concern, I noticed that when I used the camera, which by the way is so fast, the flash is always delayed. Can this be solved?? Can anyone please tell me what's the latest firmware version for the 5320?? Thanks in advance guys.

  • Farhan

Nice phone for music and everything comparing to price

  • yasir777

hello guys
i bought this fone last night and i am really happy
the loud sound and the excellentest display
really display is 100percent better than nokia 6120 and 5700
muzik player is really coooooooooooooool

  • makoy

wow! i like this phone.......amazingly great

  • fadi

its simple and easy press play by the music multimedia key

  • Samuel port harcourt

Its a great phone but i am not satisfied with the battery life. Its a phone you wouldn't want to take your hands off.

  • sunny

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970piya , n73 has better cam and large screen , otherwise 5320 has better OS n processor.its mch faster thn n73.

  • Tee

Salman, 28 Nov 2008You can install useful symbian 3rd edition & java software in 53... moreI use a 5320 xm but so far I have been able to install only java apps and anytime I try installing a symbian app, I will be told that it is not supported. Please can you help me out here? Thanks. (

  • drew

hey anyone tell me how loud the loudspeaker is in this phone? and where it is placed at?

  • Piya

sunny, 28 Nov 2008piya , u can install 3rd party application in 5320 eailsy which... moreThanks for your reply. Is this phone is better than nokia N73.