Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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  • al

this 5320 is better than 5220 please anyone can tell me???

  • Chintan

plz help me out does themes of N73 work on this phone? and wat abt n gage games how do i get them full? only trial available plz help me out! thanx in advance... hope some one 2 reply soon....

  • yacarob88

hi! i want this phone...

1. since im already working, dont you think this wont look awkward?

2. i text a lot, is the keypad good for texting? i read somewhere that the keypad is bad...

3. since this is on S60, is this phone fast unlike some of the N-series phones? ex n70

as much as i want the features of 5610, im not into sliders plus the navi key which is bad... what i like about this phone is it is candy bar plus the 3.5 audio jack..

  • Anonymous

Is all Symbian 9.x phone (especially this phone) have ability to smooth playback a full length movie? (MPEG-4 video @ 30 fps with at least 300 MB each size)

  • Sabbir

i want to buy this phone. but music system and camera quality are two things that i preferr much. on the basis of these qualities is which one is better, nokia 5320 or 5220? Specially using headphone is 5320's music is really good? can any one tell me plz?

  • kazuma

which are the best music phone???? 5320 or i450????

  • Sabbir

Excellent mobile set. has got all things...

  • ARIE

the features is good but the display is bad

  • xc

go with 5320 nice phone

  • galbe90

ali, 29 Oct 2008doz it hv one speaker or two speakersone speaker!

  • galbe90

one of the best smartphones with s60 v3!works perfect!it's cheat,it's little and it's designed with taste!buy it if you have the money!

  • casey

i've had the phone for a while and i must admit its awesome. surfing the net is smooth, detailed and clear. good music quality, comes with some helpful softwares. the phone only lacks a good battery, the battery on full charge cant keep the phone going for long.

  • Shiraz

What to say
it's very beautiful

  • ali

doz it hv one speaker or two speakers

  • vijay

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2008may be you didn't charge the battery when buy, so now way now to... moreif i charge it now will i get the charge

  • Sekhar Chand

Except for the battery(BL-5B), which is no wonder that it cannot give more backup even if reviewers say it can give, everything else is fantastic.
the features of the phone are awesome.
the only next thing that disappoints me is the keypad, its not so comfortable for fast users. it could have been better, and overall size of this phone could have been a little bigger.

  • visu

Sound not equal to 5220

  • kyamelicious

as i've seen this 5320 i was very attracted because of the design..very in stylish... am planning to buy it next month... am so excited...whewww...

  • shakil

i like it, its features are developed. plz someone who uses this phone, tell me about its music and sound quality, loudspeakers, headphones.
also tell me abt its image quality and camera and data speed and internet
does it consist any problems?"

  • nicholas

its one of the coolest phones, its a Music-Gaming phone , it supports Ngage gaming (one of the few phones to do it , it makes this come under same category as N96,N95,N82,N81) its OS ie "Symbian OS 9.3, S60 rel. 3.2" is used in only 2 other phones N96 and N85.even N95 and other Nseries phones hav only 9.2 , i think this is enough to convince u ppl how good this phone is, the speakers arent gr8 (the only negative aspect)