Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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  • cool guy

i still have one, and believe me it's amazing phone, i use this phone till now

  • pankaj

pls anyone here... if u have successfully tried any led torch app for nokia 5320 then pls suggest me

  • AnonD-483328

My first phone.. I bay on 2009...
Am using this tilll

  • AnonD-347276

my first phone it's awesome nice display nice sound quality nice battery and ...

  • pankaj

please suggest me an app for led torch for 5320. I have tried almost a dozen apps for it.nothing is useful. please suggest me a working one u used.

  • Anonymous

i have tried many apps for torch like ntorch, best torch, light control,s60spoton etc but no one is working. pls suggest me a working torch app for 5320 please.

  • Anonymous

pls tell me a working app for led flash torch. i tried many apps like phone torch,best torch,light control,s60spoton,ntorch lite. but noone is working.pls suggest me a working app for torch.and same for python.

  • marvill

i used too. 5320 is good :D

  • tej pal singh

the only nokia smartphone which doesnt feel slow or hangs after opening 10 apps i dont know why it was not very success i think its small screen and design i had many costlier nokia smartphone but this was the best

  • putri jelita

my phone,very amazing.. I still use now

  • Mohamed

vid, 15 May 2015can v use whatsapp in this phone??yes

  • vid

can v use whatsapp in this phone??

  • Kaygee

Just started using it a few days but I'm loving it, I bought it after my Z10 freezed which I don't even miss anymore. the 5320 is much more reliable than newer models.

  • Anonymous

noman, 19 Sep 2013i am using it over 4years. I dont have a single problem. This is... moreYeah..

  • Mahesh

nokia lover, 21 Oct 2013This is the BEST PHONE i ever used in my entire phones history..... moreYeah bro....

  • Mahesh

Anonymous, 17 May 2014wow this 4n z smarter than a smart 4n ever

  • Praveen

shiva, 24 Mar 2014it is superb , fantastic , mindbloing , unbeliavable It's good. Now also(since 2008) i am using it.There is no any problem with it except battery. Really it is a best phone..

  • rajesh mishra

this phone very a am using at 5 year ther is no problem in this mobile. and i am very happy because nokia company was developed this of phone thanks NOKIA............

  • raju

very very good phone I have used it almost 7/8 years and it did not give a single this...

  • stun

Good phone, stable with firmware v5.16 and good utility.
I'm not using it anymore but it still work til today Nov 17th 2014 (bought as 2nd handed in 2012). Only battery drop a bit but that should be the problem with the battery itself.
Network works well with 3G.