Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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  • viperkid

Titi, 20 Jun 2008Hello! I have heard that this model and the 5310 can keep 500 s... moreyup. actually, most of S60 phones from Nokia can store more than a thousand messages

  • Titi

I have heard that this model and the 5310 can keep 500 sms or more, is it true?

  • viperkid

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2008like every other time clearley no speakers visible anywhere on t... mored speakers r located at d bottom right side­5220/live/high/live1.jpg­5220/live/high/live2.jpg­5220/live/high/live5.jpg

d button on top right (wd d XpressMusic caption below it) of d screen is d own key n is also used for d 'say n play feature' if u press n hold it down. of course, d one on d top left of d screen is d front cam for video calling

btw, i after checking d audio tests done by M-R, from wat i understand, 5320XM is a tiny bit better at 'frequency response'

  • Curious

Is there FM function? MP3?How do you find it ?

  • TC16

i got the 5310 5 munths ago i am think of geting this phone next year (only if it had a 3.2mp cam)

  • RBa

viperkid, 15 Jun 2008sure, no prob =) im pretty sure dat was just a typo error. 5320X... moreOnce again, thank you dude.. Actually I live in Cebu.. Can I ask you a favor?? Uhmmm... If possible when the 5320XM is already available there in Manila, could you please inform me by posting it here? Please.. Because usually, phones are released earlier there in Manila than in Cebu. Thank you once again Viperkid!

  • Anonymous

viperkid, 14 Jun 2008WOW! review of Nokia 5320 XpressMusic! morelike every other time clearley no speakers visible anywhere on this handset not at bottom as mentioned here where are they look at photos there is just one thing you may cal a speaker at top of front of screen

  • viperkid

RBa, 15 Jun 2008Hey viperkid, thank you very much for that link. Wow! It's quite... moresure, no prob =) im pretty sure dat was just a typo error. 5320XM should b available, latest Sep 2008. in fact, if u happen to live here in Manila, ds phone is already in d "coming soon" section of nokia philippines' site juz lyk d N78.

  • RBa

Hey viperkid, thank you very much for that link. Wow! It's quite a positive review but what bothers me is that, I think they've stated there in their review under the "Impressions" content that it should be available early in 'February'. Is that correct? Do they really mean that the 5320XM will just be first available as late as February 2009?? It would be a very long wait then if that will be the case. I'm confused. Can you or anyone explain and/or confirm? It really worries me.

  • MSG

can nokia put WLAN to this before its launch

  • Tsepz

Thanx a lot for that mate,im going to read the full review now. Im no suprised at Eldar's reaction to the 5320xm, it looks like a great performer and he has now proved that. I think SE should start taking tips from NOKIA on how to make a phone that does what it's meant to do properly.

  • Dan

That review was quite positive. According to the musical chart, the performance comes very close to the 5310. Not to mention that it can actually play music for 24 hours. Nice.
Did i see a statement saying it shall come with a 2gb card?
@ viperkid
Thanks 4 the link. You have helped us a great deal in learning about this great device.

  • viperkid

WOW! review of Nokia 5320 XpressMusic!­n.shtml

here r excerpts:

"..within its target price-bracket the 5320 will be an offering to reckon with, plus itís ONE OF THE BEST performers when it comes TO PLAYING MUSIC"

"Ring tones sounded quite loud.."

"On balance, I couldnít find anything to fault it on as far as overall look and feel goes"

"..buttons are somewhat crammed together, so it is a bit inconvenient to handle"

"All in all, Nokia has struck gold with the 5320 XpressMusic.."


according to their test, it lasted for 24 hours when u listen to music thru earphones

and yes, it has an 8-band equalizer - YAHOO =)

strangely, they found out dat 5320XM actually have 2 speakers (only placed on one place, at d bottom)

  • stefan

Very poor battery for a music phone

  • cinta

guys, just wait and be patient unl this one really surf at the market, pls stop cmplaining and make some rubbish comment.

  • Jean

Hey guyz... I juz came through this mobile.... Evrythng luks perfect..... But tell me this... How is the sound !!! Iz it as loud as 5700 & iz it clear ???

Plz users leave Ur commentzz....

  • Venom

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2008what???u say SE phones are nt worth their music?i had nokia 5310... moreLol! That "RUBBISH" 'SensMe' feature is not at all useful! In fact, it's just a full joke and a misleading feature! Well how does it make sense by the way?? The SensMe feature is just great if you use the 'Media Manager' to copy the music files in your phone. If you don't use the 'Media Manager' to transfer the songs, then pity you! The SensMe system can't read those music files that haven't undergone to the Media Manager. So now tell me, how does the SensMe feature make sense? So frankly speaking, it's just purely a marketting gimmick by SE.

  • jazzy ijaz

its nice phone but screen shold be large enough. speakers should also be placed in side. Any way its ok

  • ram

necessary camera 5320 3.15 mp

  • Anonymous

Its okay but 2 inch screen only? i would need at least 3.2. Cause i loove big screens with touchscreen functionality ;X