Nokia 5330 XpressMusic

Nokia 5330 XpressMusic

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This phone IS a prototype of the Nokia X3-00, and Nokia for some reason decided to release it.

  • Helen

gabbyprendi, 09 Nov 2014Does it support whatsappI can not download with this phone

  • gabbyprendi

Does it support whatsapp

  • bb

how do i buy this phone?

  • Arnold

eish i'm suffering 4rndz,how to use the mobile tv on my nokia 5330 ?

  • Anonymous

Does nokia 5330 support whatsapp?

  • Chalkz

How do i solve the delayed tv programs streaming?

  • Anonymous

My phone does not cath network , what must i do?

  • Virus

I jst gatt this phone afew days ago, its ausome, fast internet, good camera, bigger screen from my Nokia 6500 thoo nothing so different in the software. Best thing I love about it is the keypad, its so friendly since I'm a heavy texter. Bt I wish it could malti-task. After this my next stop is Nokia E66. Yeah, plus it has dstv to keep you busy in booring meetings/forums.... :)

  • A A

How can i connect my nokia 5330 to LCD

  • jlejend

my phone is not putting on light on the screen what can i do

  • Andrey Mbao

Really good phone have seen nothing wrong with it,its a MUST HAVE!!!


sayuri, 21 Apr 2012I change the ribbon two times but its not working properl... morelcd led not working

  • ifescolasco

my fone is not ringing out and is not viewing pic.

  • Anonymous


  • sayuri

I change the ribbon two times but its not working properly could u give me the solution ,How can I get the original ribbon?

  • rintz

why is my nokia 5330 has a problem with camera

  • rawrr

is nokia 5530 xpress music available in olongapo??
pls. reply.

  • sarfarazreshamwala

9163205744, 05 Jul 2011Not true..its 2 good hendset

  • AnonD-22395

Just wanted to knw if i can watch motogp with this phone am in kenya. Thanks