Nokia 5330 XpressMusic

Nokia 5330 XpressMusic

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  • hy

like the 5610

  • Saryu

this is what i hate about nokia,,, so fast announce many new phone,, while many hvnt out.. making the phone price drop fast, and making the phone looks outdated so fast bcoz they hv so many new phone... anyway,, i still prefer my 5800 xm than this 1...

  • Anonymous

dfdasf, 11 Mar 2009ugly phone lol...well...the looks of this phone are not very good...

  • ND

Nice! Really look like a music player, good job NOKIA!

  • dfdasf

ugly phone lol...

  • bruno

yess!! i am the 2nd!! great phone.

  • Er sha0

yes i'm the 1st nice ph0ne