Nokia 5510

Nokia 5510

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  • Anonymous

That 'a' is a moron.

  • maestro

It's gona cost about 500 Euro's

  • Anonymous

f*ck you mr nour. tihs phone is a gameboy !!! it is a 3330 in a wierd gameboy case !!!!! what other f*ckening phone allows you to add your own games and applications....please this phone just suxs so so much, who ever watsnts to know it will be about $450, $500 even more than a sl45(i)

  • mr.nour

it's a very good phone it has:
150 txt msg & 50 picture msg 2 be saved
additional 100 names in phonesbook,calender, 5 games,compser,animated screensaver,stopwatch,mp3,fm radio.voice dial and WAP however it hasn't all the motherfuckers who say that the sl45 is better fuck them
......and thanks alot......

  • joe

how much is this phone gping to cost?

  • a

Well... This phone is U G L Y , it is basically a 3330 with a mp3 player, same old shit, 8 voice Dials, 5 SAME games, 100 numbers in phone, Message templates, 35 ringtones.... IT IS A GAMEBOY just like everyone has mentioned !!! Nokia just cant make the perfecr Mp3 phone, SIEMENS SL45i is the way to go, trust me people, i have one and it is amazing.

  • Nokia&Future.

The future design!!!.Nokia walk next step to future on design!!!. =)
Nokia.Bigger in the world!.

  • cata

I think the phone looks great but i has some - with data capabilities and that he is got no vibrations.It's heavy but it's something different than the usuals Nokia phones.

  • x

it is a very ugly phone , it looks like a stone or something to fight with more over than that there is no vibration in it ?

  • Micke

This must be the first real failure from Nokia, Big, Heavy and expensive, not to mention UGLY :P

  • caff

Looks like a heavy and many keypads.....would teenager buy this heavy shit??? If you want to play games...get gameboy instead which got colour screen and more fun games.....this is really ugly phone from nokia...wondering what happen to nokia...Ericsson is catching up with their T65, 66 and 68 and R600

  • Mark Conway

Looks more like a bloody gameboy advance!