Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Malven Loo

Is a very good phone , i use for few years

Amazing. Even my 2 year old son could use this thing.

  • Anonymous

I bought In 2008 October. Used for 6 years. Great memories I have with that phone. Really missing..

  • Ash

AnonD-684725, 15 Jul 2017i am using nokia 5800 xm this is a best phone, but i am not usin... moreChange year on mobile 2011

  • Victory

3,15 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics mmmmh what a sweet memory in ten years ago....head phone with music dedicated, second stylus like a guitar picks...What a awesome!!!!

  • Abu umar

What a day 2009 when I parchaz new Nokia 5890xm
Fist experience far tuch mobile with high quality stereo sound. I remember those day yet

  • Sayyed Faisal

I love Symbian mobiles

  • Anonymous

gillian , 12 Oct 2017Hi, iam also using nokia 5800 xpressmusic and it has stoped goin... morebuy a new phone. symbian is dead

mir javid, 06 May 2012i like nokia xpress 5800 music phone.what a soundSupport Tamil Font??

  • Pallav

Hi guys how to whether my Nokia 5800 is original or the copy one

  • nikhil

how to nokia expres music 5800 device update

i have a nokia 5800 xm its not conected to wifi , data and nokia browser plz help me.......

  • Anonymous

kyawthi254, 12 Sep 2012how to installing Myanmar(burma)font?how instillation myanmar font for nokia5800 xpress music I known thank

  • Vicodin

I really think that this phone was way ahead in its hardware and features. It almost can't be compared with the iphones from Apple in those years and other competitors didn't really had with this exception.

  • Pepe

makku, 25 May 2018It is android or Symbian or java operating system Symbian. And can run java apps.

  • makku

It is android or Symbian or java operating system

  • C.zwe

AnonD-717755, 23 Nov 2017What is the issue ?? is it not turning on or not searching a Camera does not work

bosw, 23 Oct 2017my 5800 not connect wifi plaese helpPlease be clear when asking your question:
Do you mean that the 5800 does not at all search for WiFi? in this scenario just make sure you have the WiFi option on. (in case it is. great). and if you know the SSID (K.I.S.S= The wifi's name) just search manually and prompt a connection.
In the worse scenario it does search but does not connect. I suggest making sure you have tapped the right WiFi network. and make sure with your infrastracture company your data is matching with theirs. if they preform a test with another device. (Such as another phone, tablet or anything else) and you can connect., with all due respect as It's insanely hard to repair (unless you know how to DIY repair, and then it's easy) switch your phone. use that recommendation of phone swapping as last resort though.

  • AnonD-717755

bosw, 23 Oct 2017my 5800 not connect wifi plaese helpWhat is the issue ??
is it not turning on or not searching

bosw, 23 Oct 2017my 5800 not connect wifi plaese helpBuy newer phone