Nokia 5.1 Plus (Nokia X5)

Nokia 5.1 Plus (Nokia X5)

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  • Anonymous

Saud, 20 Jan 2021It is the same with me. It's hardware fault. I tried ... moreMe too... Before the update I was charging 2 hours but now I'm charging 1 hour for 40% 1 hour for 70% and 1 hour to 100%

  • Anonymous

Aadrian, 02 Feb 2021January patch for the 5.1 plus is rolling out. Highly recommend this phone for a low budget's powerful for modern games...bought it and have never regretted

  • SR

Very worst experience since last few months after using more than one year..main problem is charging ..not any position its getting charged, even after a long time or overnight connecting...
Very disappointing Nokia

Mine doesn't come with glass back material its plastic

  • Luigi

Kamaa, 04 Apr 2021Best definition of a stupid phone, mine had inner screen is... moreLmao bad for you man my 5.1 Plus is running like clockwork since 2019 still good I love it but I might upgrade to a 5.4 or maybe the new Nokia phones that will be released i like have a bigger screen I can recomend Nokia to everybody. Cheers mate

  • Kamaa

Best definition of a stupid phone, mine had inner screen issues ,,,worst battery issues, charging port issues: pathetic Nokia

  • Owen

Abbey , 02 Apr 2021best phone ever ..... two years now and still looks brand n... moreFor me too it is a great phone mine is the white color looks great I use a cheap tpu case for protection and it serves me well, the phone itself is amazing still getting fast updates and it is not even a flagship phone, but still made of glass front and back, plastic trim feels premium over all the phone feels premium that is the best about it. Good job thumbs up!

  • Abbey

Aadrian, 09 Sep 2020Yes the phone is very slippery. I bought a thin feel transp... morebest phone ever ..... two years now and still looks brand new. no issues at all, infact i can still sell for a very good price

  • Anonymous

worst phone ever, in the first year it started bugging and i had to send it to reparation, the charge port also had issues as i had to send it to reparation again

  • anonimous

It is irritating when the 'google assistant' keeps popping up once a while asking to 'voice unlock the phone' when listening to radio with my earphone, I think it started after security update in Jan. Any suggestion to put this 'GA' aside? thanks

  • Sadananda

Not a vol LTE mode phone

January patch for the 5.1 plus is rolling out.

  • maneet

Add face lock in this device then it wil be the best phone.

  • Therockfordfiles

Ask, 10 May 2020Came across a common problem for recent nokia phones, which... moreI've been using Samsung Galaxy phones enough longer to say that Samsung USB especially micro USB ports are tough and resistant. I could barely keep a Nokia or Huawei less than a year without the micro USB port get damaged and the phones couldn't charge anymore while on my old galaxy grand prime plus which has been serving me for 4 yrs after several plug and unplug, whether it's for charging or for OTG, it's usb port never broke once. You want to buy a cheap phone without ruining yourself, go for a galaxy A series, they got much bigger battery than the actual Nokia's out there, and comes with the fast charging capabilities too

  • Saud

Pat077 , 08 Jan 2021I upgraded my x5 to android 10. But, it's now taking a... moreIt is the same with me.
It's hardware fault. I tried getting it repaired but it breaks down every now and then.

  • Pat077

I upgraded my x5 to android 10. But, it's now taking a long time to charge. What could be the problem?

  • beast

i have the phone 1,5 years no issues with charging port at all i just charge it every 2 days no problems at all still all is fine so i think im doing something normal

  • Fatihkan

Rishabh Singh, 14 May 2020I am facing charging problem plz in this time because of lo... moreIt's a hardware issue. There is nothing you can do.

  • dee

Nick, 22 Nov 2020Very good security on android 10I have had similar issues with mine, the charger needs some bit of twisting at the port for better performance. I found a way to monitor this was by installing AccuBattery app, it helps me check the charge current, less than 300 is slow, 300-800 is okay, 900-1500 good & anything 1550+ is great.
Anyway, i hope that helps

  • Anonymous

ASTRAL King, 19 Nov 2020I have been using this phone for nearly 2 years now but now... moreFone is a good phone but it's starting to take long to charge