Nokia 5.1 Plus (Nokia X5)

Nokia 5.1 Plus (Nokia X5)

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Well my comment update I surprising fixed heating when charging and I tested this phone lasted for 7hour 38 minute battery life and now the battery's only 2percent it's screen on time btw and gaming CNA last about 3or4hours

  • Aadrian

Latest security patch is rolling out, 2 more security patches will follow for the 5.1 Plus before it won't get new patches anymore (at least on a monthly basis).

  • Widz

Been using for 3 yrs, still alive and well. My 5.1 been tru hell but still holding on

Saad, 21 May 2021Have you upgraded to android 10? If yes, whats the performance? Pretty good btw bro the home screen is pretty unique and doesn't have tab button you slide up at the home button the tab menu will appear overalls performance like PUBG other games no issue at balanced graphics idk how to explain the full homescreen btw if you know how to cool down this phone pls do tell cause it heating when charge and video streaming or gaming it's usually at 37.0celcius when power on and then the temperature increases max temperature is 41.5celcius but for now temporary gonna use a cooler phone a accessories for cooling phone

It's keep have security update even at 2021 and it's eating my storage since it's only 32gb and android 10 data used 10gb+ and when playing like when only using the phone it will heat up to 41.0 celcius or higher when charging it become 45.5celcius i quickly shut down the phone to let it cool idk what the problem no battery problem but it's cooling speed is very slow only shuting down the phone lower the temperature maybe because i live in Malaysia every day is around 25-32celcius it's the weather maybe or because i don't have air conditioner idk maybe you guys can help for now i gonna buy phone cooler for cooling the battery and cpu pls do hesitate to reply cause need some advice btw i own this phone it's my main phone no others ok

  • Prem

I was a big fan of nokia but this mobile disappointed me so lot i mad this phone repair many many times after i put on the railway track and now i will neve buy nokia again.

  • Dee

Disappointment, 10 Jul 2021Don't buy this phone if you are looking for longevity.... moreThe charging port will eventually get in trouble every 2-3 months. I need to changing it everytime the trouble come. Which means I have to spend money every 2-3 months. It ain't cheap.
After a year, another trouble come whenever i made a call or answer a call. My voice sounds like i am in the cave and i can't hear the caller's voice clearly.
Plus i also experienced a 'ghost screening'. It moves like crazy while i didn't touch anything.

Nokia was good, but not Nokia 5.1 plus like mine.

Updates keep coming. Such a cheap phone but such a good update schedule. Newest security patch is there, downloaded and installed it. Very good from Nokia.

  • r0ger

Commendable phone and quite impressive how this phone was put together. Still after 2,5 years it's doing well and not lacking, still gettig monthly updates. Only drawback for me at this moment is that I'm longing for a bigger screen but that is of course not the phone's fault. I might be rocking the Nokia XR20 soon and also doing something good, cause buying the XR20 means 50 trees will be planted. Great gesture.

  • J

Beautiful design. Delicate but, Its now two years with me.

  • Disappointment

Don't buy this phone if you are looking for longevity. It is a terrible phone. The biggest issue is the charging port. It will break or get damaged after 2-3 months. And it will happen again if you end up replacing it. Also, maybe this is a software issue but sometimes your voice won't register when speaking in a normal call. You can hear the other person but your own voice won't reach them.

  • Chuks

Nokia 5.1 plus Best phone so far, using since 3 years now...

Excellent work that this phone is still getting monthly security patches. Recently got the June patch and I bought this phone shortly after its release. It's a budget phone, but getting good software support.

I've been using this phone for around almost 3 years. It's pretty good. The only bad here is the charging port.

  • nokia 5.1 PLUS

I am using this phone for a long time already since launch and it was pretty cheap and still getting monthly updates now i get june security patch really good service i am very pleased and my next phone will be also a Nokia!

  • nekc

3 yrs working like a charm... and on!

  • Anonymous

SR, 21 Apr 2021Very worst experience since last few months after using mor... moresame experience ...took 5-6hrs to be fully charged.

  • Shubham

Saad, 21 May 2021Have you upgraded to android 10? If yes, whats the performance? I have been using it I don't find any changes in performance. It's like the same.

  • Marcus Lacoste

The worst Smartphone I've used in years. It's like I jumped from year 2018 back to 2012 with this phone. The charging flex is the worst. Had it replaced 3 times in 4 months

  • Pavan

dee, 10 Dec 2020I have had similar issues with mine, the charger needs some... moreLess than 1000mah sucks