Nokia 5.1 Plus (Nokia X5)

Nokia 5.1 Plus (Nokia X5)

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  • zebarnabe

Android One (really?), Helios P60 (12nm CPU), starting at 3GB RAM... For 150 or so Euros? Sounds like a good deal to me.

People need to stop comparing phones by design, this is a budget phone, just look at the price...

On a side note, I do hate the notch (on any phone). Hopefully you can simply hide the notch with a black status bar...

Dil, 15 Jul 2018Otg support Not funny

  • Dil

CptPower, 20 Jun 2018It was 7 plus now its 5 plus what next? Nokia 3 plus 2 plu... moreOtg support

  • Anonymous

chip set Helio P60 announced

chip set Helio P23

  • Reinford

poor design, just hate that notch

  • Anonymous

If it's not a Helio P18 or something similar it could be a good phone



NOkia, please NO.


Nokia with a Notch and a Chin... Whats the point?

  • Raja

Dual volte makes it good sale

  • Anonymous

I expect this phone with helio p60

  • AnonD-754294

Logan , 20 Jun 2018Nothing new just copy of iphone x yekhh :xi phone x is copied galaxy s8

  • Logan

Nothing new just copy of iphone x yekhh :x

  • MMK

This phone has the ugliest notch in the market!

  • ninikia


It was 7 plus now its 5 plus what next?
Nokia 3 plus 2 plus and even 1 plus?
Android one with facebook lite messenger lite 6 inch screen 1GB ram speedtrum CPU and 5000 mAh battery? :-)