Nokia 5.3

Nokia 5.3

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  • Anonymous

Carol, 15 Jul 2020I ment, device speed. How the device feal while everyday us... moreBlabbering about doesn't prove anything. Get yourself educated first.

tourgage, 28 Jun 2020my phone charge at 830+mA, is this nokia capable more of that ?This phone doesn't support fast charging.

  • Yasser

Dear GSM Arena, please please post your review about this phone, newer phones got their review with videos already and you barely review any Nokia phone such as 8.1 although it was a big deal!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020Honestly, if you want a good camera phone with professional... moreAn iphone with professional quality camera ? when was that released ?
I mean I have an 11pro but I wouldn't class it as a professional camera

  • Anonymous

Honestly, if you want a good camera phone with professional quality, just get an iPhone. Or better yet, get straight to the real deal and buy a DSLR camera. It's pointless to have a good cam but poor call reception or bad SAR value, the most important specs that nobody seems to care about these days.

  • Carol

AOK, 30 Jul 2020Phone is fine as a back up smart phone. Downside is the ter... more15 yesrs ago? Hope this was a joke.

  • AOK

Phone is fine as a back up smart phone. Downside is the terrible camera/cameras no matter what setting you use you end up with a picture with quality more in line with 15 years ago.

  • peacockinsidetech

this phone is definitely a solid device for the price! I am working on my review right now and there is not much negative to say about it :D

  • Anonymous

Carol, 26 Jul 2020Yeah, well, they dramatize jit, but if you actually look at... moreAgreed

  • Igor

I have this phone in Gold trim and is it worth it? The answer is a massive, massive, massive yes. I am very content with what it offers for the price, also it gets updated regularly and it still gets 2 major OS updates Android 11 and 12 so yes totally worth to purchase. You will be good for 3 years with this phone.

Sold my iPhone 11 and got this phone on sale. Don't regret a thing. I don't know what people complain about like bad screen and such. I don't even see a difference between this and the iPhone 11 screen. Maybe if they where side by side. This has a huge screen and good battery life. I don't game just use social media, banking and normal things. And it works flawless just a few slowdowns here and there but never anything crazy. The camera is good, front camera also good. If your not really in to photography this will do fine. I rarely use the camera anyways. This is probably the best budget phone you can get and even better on sale. The moto g8 and g8 power is the only good competition in my opinion. I know xiaomi and such has good phones for less but then there is always a sacrifice in some aspect. This phone is almost the perfect budget phone, you get Alot of phone and guaranteed android 11 and 12 plus 1 extra year og security. Total of 3 years software support is in my opinion one of the biggest reasons to get this.

  • Mj

karan, 18 Jul 2020hi all i am planning to buy a phone for my dad he is a fir... moreThis awesome phone just buy it and use it for day you'll prove what I'm saying, in here there's no phone that can judged 100% fine just try to see even iPhone 11 got it's flawless is that not worth buying? So hope i gv you a little clue🏃

i would buy if the phone had a sd 675 and 128 gb storage i think the pixel 3a is a better phone beacuse of the camera and chip

  • Carol

Anonymous, 24 Jul review reported that this phone overheats... moreYeah, well, they dramatize jit, but if you actually look at the resuldts, you understand what dthey say, the only device that is xfaster in this price range would be that xiomi?, but that device has sd720 so, it is normal. In the same time, so much faster it is eventually not.

  • Anonymous review reported that this phone overheats under heavy use, has slow LTE modem and fluctuating WLAN speed. Can anybody who owns the device confirm this? Thank you in advance.

First real user reviews give it a high mark overall. The phones seems to be performing very well. Value for money.

  • Sammy Jade

Seems really good. I want this device.

  • Carol

Amir, 22 Jul 2020To carol.....hi this is Amir.....v interesting ur feedback.... moreHey, first things first, i do not owe this device... so i hope i did not have false impressions. I do not know how bright the screen will get in the sun, but at what GSMarena claims, it should be ok for sunlight, well at least will be ok to see what you are doing.

  • Amir

Carol, 18 Jul 2020Really? Wow, how did you know it was me? Haha probably beca... moreTo carol.....hi this is Amir.....v interesting ur feedback....really appreciate ur honest feedback & love to have more opinions about photography if u can share with us.....also if we r using this phone outside in the sun can u see clearly or we have to increase the screen light......?
Many thanks.....👍🏼

  • Aca

zaryan, 14 Jul 2020darkmode is available in display settings while icon shape ... moreI dont have icon shape in developer mode