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Nokia 5.3

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  • Anonymous review reported that this phone overheats under heavy use, has slow LTE modem and fluctuating WLAN speed. Can anybody who owns the device confirm this? Thank you in advance.

First real user reviews give it a high mark overall. The phones seems to be performing very well. Value for money.

  • Sammy Jade

Seems really good. I want this device.

  • Carol

Amir, 22 Jul 2020To carol.....hi this is Amir.....v interesting ur feedback.... moreHey, first things first, i do not owe this device... so i hope i did not have false impressions. I do not know how bright the screen will get in the sun, but at what GSMarena claims, it should be ok for sunlight, well at least will be ok to see what you are doing.

  • Amir

Carol, 18 Jul 2020Really? Wow, how did you know it was me? Haha probably beca... moreTo carol.....hi this is Amir.....v interesting ur feedback....really appreciate ur honest feedback & love to have more opinions about photography if u can share with us.....also if we r using this phone outside in the sun can u see clearly or we have to increase the screen light......?
Many thanks.....👍🏼

  • Aca

zaryan, 14 Jul 2020darkmode is available in display settings while icon shape ... moreI dont have icon shape in developer mode

  • Carol

TechU, 19 Jul 2020Hahaha... that old days we talk a lot & support Nokia p... moreCool. Yeah, My N8 still kikin after 10 years,(i am.actually impressed), and looks good. My 1020 has some battery issues but works and lumia 950xl i went through two of them, one it's battery died and the second it's microfone died on me,never had such issues. Not cool from Microsoft to promise Nokia quality but deliver way lower. I liked it very much tough.
Funny to ask that, the 6.2 and 7.2 are "runinng" in the family. If it is only for backup i would recomand this one, if it's size does not bother you too much. Comes with android 10 directly installed, so no strugle to properly update, and has better battery usage and life because of the size of the battery and screen resolution.

  • TechU

Carol, 18 Jul 2020Really? Wow, how did you know it was me? Haha probably beca... moreHahaha... that old days we talk a lot & support Nokia phones (N97, N8 etc... also Symbian OS - ANNA, BELLA etc...) then we both go for lumia (still I have my N8, N97, Lumia 950XL and some Asha phones & all are good working conditions). When MS kill their os, I shifted to iPhone & fully satisfied with the same. But as a Nokia fan, I am thinking about to use a Nokia phone as my sub. phone. But no need a flagship one. that's why i checked this phone & i saw your comments. You are still in the same style.

Anyway thanks for your support. Nokia 7.2, 6.2 or 5.3, which one you choose for a normal use?

  • Arifin

Is this game good for playing Mobile Legend and AOV ?? Is the touch sensitivity of this device good ? Wanna upgrade my phone from Samsung S7

  • Carol

karan, 18 Jul 2020hi all i am planning to buy a phone for my dad he is a fir... moreThen go for a Nokia as samsung has a tone of bloatware and usless apps that are unable to be uninstalled (only deactivated). An i suppose you dob't want root just to uninstall crapp.

  • Anonymous

Perry the platipus, 18 Jul 2020Other OEMs announcing and launching phones every week while... moreOld habits die hard :)

  • togs

Really good value phone for the price. Very smooth. Camera is good and I love the large screen. I love how the battery can last up to two days.

  • karan

hi all i am planning to buy a phone for my dad he is a first time user of smart phone (screen touch) mostly with 64GB and ecxtendable memory so he can used whatsupp for connectivity and you tube for his entertainment also expecting a good batter life, camera anything will do.
Can anyone suggest me good mobile phones for these requirement as m only interested in Nokia and samsung phones not interested in any chinese as they are not durable as these makers.

Is nokia 5.3 a good buy? i saw some comments saying the phone gets freezed suddenly.

  • Perry the platipus

Other OEMs announcing and launching phones every week while HMD can't even launch a phone that they announced in March.. This shows Nokia is already dead again.. This time Thanks to HMD global

  • Carol

TechU, 17 Jul 2020Carol, what's your final opinion about this phone? ... moreReally? Wow, how did you know it was me? Haha probably because of my way of talking with trolls :p. I find the device quite good for the price and actually when i used it in stores i was impressed of the performance, the gap between middle range devices and flagships is getting smaller when we talk about performance which is not a bad thing. The camera it is also good, if you do not expect an DSLR from an 194 euros device, then it is actually great. Nothing to complain about the screen ider as i am not an sharp eyed vulture (like some here think about them selves) i haven't noticed something to bother me, even that blue tint some talk about was not there for me, and i tested 4 different devices in different stores (i did this because i wanted to buy it for my girlfriend, but i will wait for 8.3 to make a vs. and worth comparison). The device feals somehow cold to touch it gives the impression it is somekind of aluminium, i do not know how to describe it, but the material does not feal like a normal plastic. I love the design, i really do love the Nokia in it. What i do not like: that assistent button, i see no reason as of why that button is there, i really do not understand what HMD had in mind doing it. Being one of those that fully deactivates google assistent their are some editing i would do in android one, like being able to hide that annoying search bar at the buttom. As i turn google spy off, that thing is still there and one cannot get rid of it, nor use it, nor change it to other search engine, so then their is a need of a third launcher, and well, android 10 is not friendly at all with the third party ones, thanks google, you're the "greatest". Add to the party the now useless button as the assistent went by by. Well it can be remaped with third party apps, but it should not be like that. Another problem would be a personal one, the phone is big. For somebody that owns a Purse, is not that much of a problem but i keep my phone in my pocket, it ain't a pretty sight.... Overall i like it and would recomand it. Keep in mind, i ignore all chinese brands as in my eyes their is no competition betwenn HMD and Chinaware, and their should also not be a vs. between them. HMD has a totally other strategy and way of doing stuff, they do not make you the product and that is very important difference besides the fact that they are not based on others design nor do they copy paste what others innovated. Well, if you ignor the fact that till today others "innovated" what lumia and symbian devices had way back in 2011, but that is another story. So their you go. Nice to talk with somebody that's been here almost a decade now, chears.

  • TechU

Carol, what's your final opinion about this phone?

your opinion valuable because, i am watching your cmnts from that time, when we are with N8.

  • Anonymous

Priced similar to Motorola g7 devices.

  • Anonymous

vrr4141, 05 Jul 2020No compass / magnetic sensor, all GPS related apps will be ... moreThat's weird. I've tried the navigation function, it works

  • Carol

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2020So true.P.s i hope you realised everyone can see you just talked to yourself from the same IP right? I mean, get a clue for G sake.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2020Getting triggered at truth is one way. Lol. Next time try t... moreI ment, device speed. How the device feal while everyday use. I am triggert? Maybe, i am annoyed by this nobodys that have no ideea how the whole hardware actually works, and think if they copy paste a 5 GB file from pc to device, has proven everything. Go back to school, we talk after you are awaken, as for never used UFS i have Nokia 9 and this one has UFS 2.1. I used Nokia 8 and that one has UFS 2.1 i used lumia 950xl and that one has emmc 5. I configured all sorts of devices for my family and not only and work in IT more then 10 years now so if you want to teach somebody, teach yourself... would probably do you better then coming here and spread ignorance of all colors.