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  • Anonymous

van, 07 Nov 2020What does it mean that it has 3-6gb ram? Im literally conf... moreIt means it has multiple variants with different amount of RAMs.

3GB RAM (fine for normal workload, and a bit of gaming)
4GB RAM (recommended for using multiple apps and gaming)
6GB RAM (kind of unnecessary, but much better multitasking - even during gaming).

Performance is more about the chipset, however. It has Snapdragon 665, which is decent overall but there are better chipsets for gaming in this range.
Like Helio G80, G70 & maybe Snapdragon 710/712 in a slightly higher price.

  • ABC

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2020Can anyone who has bought this phone in Eastern Europe loca... moreYes. Jelly Case or Transparent Case.

  • Anonymous

Can anyone who has bought this phone in Eastern Europe locally tell me whether it comes with a protective case in the box? I've seen some unboxing videos that have and others that don't

  • Shadow

van, 07 Nov 2020What does it mean that it has 3-6gb ram? Im literally conf... more3 - 6 gb ram means it's within that catagory and it's actually 4 gb ram

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# Build quality - You will feel sturdy build if/if not used with that protector given. Choosing polycarbonate plastic composite plus metal chasis is good idea compared to glass body.

# Design - Hi class and if you have Chinese brand phones (o**o, v**o, rea**e, Nar*o and Nokia and iPhone side by side, Nokia & iPhone only looks decent and classy.

# Colour - Sand or gold or copper. Whatever it looks many shades of colour from multiple angles. Gorgeous and lovely. People are noticing/asking what model it is if I use it in public.

# Battery life - Really true to what they say. They mentioned 2 day battery and in terms mentioned as 5 hours per day typical usage. Same happened for me. Thursday (half day) and Friday (full day) it came in one charge. Saturday I used approx 9.2 hours with some 15% battery left over. See digital well-being screen usage statistics for authenticity of information.

# Performance - It is smooth and received updates on unboxing and first boot itself. It was for that previous screen black out and low voice output issues as mentioned in community Page. Android One is awesome. No bloatware. Even Google apps can be removed (example: YouTube music, keep, duo) and disabled (example: YouTube, Chrome). See attached UI screenshots.

# Camera - Not good but not at all bad. Okay for daily life usage and practicality. You can see attached photo/video. I shot night rain flooding in premises video to send to family members.

# OS - Already mentioned in performance section. Un to date. Android 11 coming soon as mentioned by hmd Nokia. Patches and os updated they are ranked 1 worldwide this year. Smooth.

# Display - Good for daily usage but while rotating screen suddenly, that time you can feel the 720p 60hz display pixelated for a second. But that's not a big deal. Colors are punchy you can change colour reproduction as per your taste in settings.

# Fingerprint reader & face unlock - Both works fine. Fingerprint all times work fine. Face doesn't work in dark area but as a charm if ample light is there. There will be quarter second to half second delay once you press Fingerprint or see camera until getting unlocked. That's the same in all mid and low end. But you get smooth animation to match that difference. You will find it as smooth transition.

# Honorable mentions - All launcher supports Android gesture navigation now. Buttons are tactile. Haptic feedback is awesome. You can replace all default apps as you see in my homescreen. I use truecaller premium as default phone & sms app. Firefox as default browser. Outlook as default mail etc. Only default assist will be Google or disabled you can't change to Bing as in older Android versions. You sometime feel member been used up by apps and not released automatically I think this will be fixed in next update.

Our Nokia Android, windows and basic model collection has a new great member now.

  • van

What does it mean that it has 3-6gb ram?
Im literally confused because im not familliar with that.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2020Anybody can confirm that it supports Gcam/Google Camera? ... moreIt has a tick next to Level 3.

  • blackNerd

Does it have gyro sensor for playing VR games?

Hey sometime (say once in a day or twice) I notice the openning of apps from ui or minimized condition feel slow. Like instead of having a smooth animation it shows shuttered or slowed animation while clicking any app icon or open apps tray. Then restart fixes it.

  • Anonymous

Anybody can confirm that it supports Gcam/Google Camera?

You can check by downloading Camera 2API Probe app. If FULL or Level 3 has a green tick mark, it means it supports Gcam.
I'll be grateful!

  • Anonymous

One of the best phones i ever had peice quality top notch

  • Anonymous

LAW321, 21 Sep 2020Yes it's right the sound while using the 3.5mm headpho... morei too face it but only with that Nokia headset. My boat headset produces good sound but I see it bit less compared to my Nokia 6.1

  • Anonymous

Raj R, 17 Oct 2020Looking for only fast software, then onlyy Nokia 5.3 ..but... moreHow do you claim it.. this phone with 4000mah battery gave me SOT of 11 hours. That means like 1 n half or 2 days typical usage it is

  • GeeSquer4U

I unboxed the phone, uninstalled/disabled all possible google apps other than map, Installed Newpipe app for Utube, Firefox Lite browser, Truecaller premium for phone & sms, Government of India payments app, Spotify & Microsoft launcher which syncs and allows me to use phone in PC.

  • Anonymous

Ali Ijaz, 20 Oct 2020I'm using it for about 2months. The only issue I faced... moreThat is QuickstepUI issue. May be you can use ads free (Non paid) Microsoft launcher.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2020Anybody can confirm if proximity sensor issue while calling... moreyes. I got update just in few minutes of unboxing my phone. Those call related issues are not there.

  • Anonymous

Display is not bright and colorful as AMOLED but very good phone, Battery of this phone fantastic.

  • Yasser

GSMArena, please review this phone

  • Sri Lankan Guy

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020Go for Nokia or SamsungEarlier I used Samsung J7 Pro. Now I'm using Nokia 5.3 . I prefer Nokia than Samsung because Nokia devices are more secure than Samsung devices. Nokia customer care service also really good. We can clarify doubts while operating the phone.