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I've tried so hard to find a phone similar price but better specs. Can't, it's just not possible where I live. The only phone that comes close is the moto g8 power, at it cost a bit more. Still pretty much the same phone. If they drop this phones price like in Finland. This will sell so fast i think. Also to put it in perspective against the competition. Find this on sale like I did and you won't regret it. Samsung phones in similar price range has such weak and wierd processors.

  • Suresh

how does it stand infront of MiA3 ?

This is a great budget phone, it has everything you need. I found it slow in the beginning and gaming was a nightmare. But I don't know what happened but both gaming and system runs alot smoother now. Maybe it needed time to adjust haha, either way been using this for a few weeks and I'm happy with it.
What I think about the phone.

Batterylife last a day and long time during gaming. Could charge faster but it's ok.

Screen is pretty good, watching alot of video and media
Sound is loud and clear, not always the best and is easy to block.

Camera is a mix, you need good light and it comes out great, otherwise it has a hard time keeping up.

Fingerprint scanner is slow and not so good, I don't use it but it's there.

Multitasking is ok, I have the 3GB version but would recommend getting more if you have the money.

Call quality is good, crisp and clear. 4G, wifi and Bluetooth all stable and fast for me. Haven't experienced any trouble there.

Seems snappy and reliable in everyday use.

Software comes fast. Or faster then most.

Yeah think that covers most parts of what I've used it for. Hope it helps people.

  • Anonymous

i eat poo, 14 Sep 2020They don't use their own UI, it's googles UI that... moreWho said that it's their own UI ?

  • Anonymous

I dont understand why nokia still using ips and not amoled? all brands already going amoled even for their mid range

  • i eat poo

Niranjoker, 06 Sep 2020Redmi Realme are chinese brands. They are cheap phones cuz ... moreThey don't use their own UI, it's googles UI that is called Android ONE

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2020Forgot to mention a few things: * Power button is a little... moreAnd call recording is available too, forgot this one xD

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2020Bought Nokia 5.3 a few days ago and here is my review of so... moreForgot to mention a few things:
* Power button is a little stiffer than other phones I've used before. Power up might take longer so don't fret.
* My model TA-1234 does not have gyroscope or compass according to the sensor box app.
* Fingerprint sensor is ok. Not too slow and not 100 accurate (but it could be me though).
* Google assistant button can be disabled. I've heard you can use an app to remap it to another function...
* "second space" or adding other user profiles function is available.
Hope this helps someone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2020Nobody cares LOL Everybody cares only you don't care your privacy.
See the news first then comment here

  • Edgar Smith

This is my first smartphone and it's a very good one, battery is good and so is the camera. I like the round camera design on the back in combination with the gold colour. I think I will be keeping this phone for quite some time. I'm not really a person to switch phones every year or two. Got my last phone (a Nokia Asha 501) for seven years. I am satisfied with the 5.3 now.

  • Joe Z

NOTE FOR ALL. I have this phone for a while and this phone HAS magnometer, it means it HAS "compass". Having magnometer sensor it means it CAN use compass app. Also it has accelerometer, light and proximity sensor. True is this phone doesn't have gyroscope sensor.

Nokia,In feature ,it will come with 4inch display ?I thinkvery handy and comfortablity.

Yes it happens, it's just a bug I guess. Or the system running slow. The whole software part in this phone is a bit slugish. They could improve performance alot. But it works.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2020Bought Nokia 5.3 a few days ago and here is my review of so... moreThank you for your honest, first hand experience review. Really appreciate it.

  • Anonymous

Bought Nokia 5.3 a few days ago and here is my review of sorts

I am used to using budget devices and had a Motorola moto e4 plus before this nokia so take everything I say with lots of salt

*4000 battery lasts me for a full day (from 90/95 to 50% charge)
charges quite faster than my old phone
*Screen is good, not pixelated at all,
*Notification LED built-in (in the power button)
*Radio yay
*Good main camera, has camera2 api level 3 so I can shoot raw images using a 3rd party app like gcam or hedgcam
*Plays Free fire (at low settings, have not tried higher)
*Good multitasking (at least for my light to medium use, with the 4gb ram model)

Cons (that I personally can live with):
*Battery life feels weaker than my old 5000mh moto e4 plus phone
*Loudspeaker is loud but not the clearest/cleanest sound, sometimes sounds scratchy/radio like
*Screen brightness on manual mode could be a little brighter I feel,
*Wished the LED had multiple colours so that I could tell when it's fully charged
*No gyroscope (couldn't play real racing, but it could be me since am not a gamer and have bad reflexes)
*No compass
*Radio app has no stations list, you have to scroll through or just get another app from the play store
*No pro mode in the native camera app
*A whopping 1,5 GB ota update, and there was no way to pause its download once you choose to search for updates when you set the device up for the first time
*The triangular antenna icon has a cross close to it if you don't keep 3g/4g internet on, mislead me into believing that my sim card did not work properly so heads up
*Average wide angle camera

  • Carol

Narasimha, 10 Sep 2020From nokia site below are the sensors Cable type USB Typ... moreI do not know what to say about that, compas is a Maps needed function. Without it, would be a pain in the "back" to properly localize the position, and nokia devices are well known for one of the best maps, i don't think HMD would f that up, but well, this day with all those chinaware, who knows.

  • Dean

I recently bought this phone and im very happy with it. The only little snag is the power button. A fairly long delay before the screen comes back on when its pressed. Anyone know what this may be?

  • Narasimha

From nokia site below are the sensors

Cable type USB Type-C

SIM cards Dual SIM and Single SIM models available

SIM card type Nano SIM

Sensors Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer (G-sensor), Fingerprint sensor

Keys The Google Assistant Button3

compass is a miss in this phone

  • Carol

som, 07 Sep 2020is there no one had buyed this yet ? Is not the fact that no one has bought it, is the fact that the question makes no sense.

  • Guy

Hi there is it good without missed sensors i.e. gyro and compas.
If gyroscope is missed then how is the camera results. Thanks