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Nokia 5.4

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  • Plam

The phone is good, but there is some freezes for few seconds while working.
I hope Android 12 will fix it and in that point does someone know when we can expect update?

  • Eddie

Anonymous, 18 May 2022One of the worst phone i ever bought, screen freezes anyhow... moreThis is a fantastic phone. I don’t know why you are having problems with the phone. You must ensure that you first set up your phone correctly and that all required updates are downloaded and installed.

  • Anonymous

I have this phone for 3 weeks and i'm very satisfied. I didn't have any problem mentioned in the earlier comments(screen freezing, restarting... not even once). Everything work smoothly. Battery lasts 2 days but i'm not a heavy user. Camera is good but nothing special. Although it is just hd+ 60hz display it is still pretty good. Good contrast, sharp picture, more than sufficient brightness for pleasant use indoors (mine is set to 60%). It's problematic at direct sunlight even at 100% but otherwise still pretty usable outdoors.
All in all, this is phone with excellent design(at least for me), very good performance and good display.

  • Arash

Anonymous, 18 May 2022One of the worst phone i ever bought, screen freezes anyhow... moreI totally agree. The phone hangs, it is slow, for no reason rejects phones. It is not a good phone in this era.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Apr 2022Very good phone for this price bought it from TunisiaHow much did you pay for it? 450dt or 500dt+?

  • Anonymous

Nena, 16 Apr 2022Don't buy this phone. It's awful and a huge wast... moreOne of the worst phone i ever bought, screen freezes anyhowly, disconnecting from the internet, the phone restarts itself to name but a few and the worst part the phone is barely two years.Shame on you nokia

  • Aadrian

Nokia pro, 02 May 2022Bought it two days ago, Waiting for the delivery, I'... moreI still have my Nokia N8. I bought it in 2013 or something and it's so small compared to the phones these days. The N8 is a real legend.

  • Nokia pro

Bought it two days ago,
Waiting for the delivery,
I'm expecting an exceptional mobile Nokia 5.4,
I'm using Nokia mobiles since 2000,
Wonderful mobiles,
N8, Lumia 720, 3.1 plus, 7.2,
Enjoying the features,

  • Anonymous

After upgrading to Build Number 00WW_2_190_SP03, people no longer complain that they cannot hear me from the microphone on the phone when using Google Duo with loud speaker mode. It appears that there was an old software update that disabled the microphone (lower one?) during loud speaker mode.
This is now fixed for me.

Nena, 16 Apr 2022Don't buy this phone. It's awful and a huge wast... moreI bought this phone last April and I have not had any of the problems that you are having. The phone works perfectly for me. I suspect that you have a defective unit. But I have to ask, if the phone is that bad, locking up for 10 minutes every day for the past ear etc. why do you keep using it?

  • Eddie

I have been using this phone for less than 12 months. Very fast with Snapdragon 662 chipset. Decent and bright display. No noticeable lag. Best selfie camera. Decent battery life. Far much better performance than the Samsung Galaxy A12 which I used before. Excellent value for money. I don’t know why others are writing negative trolls about the phone. You first have to set up your phone properly before using it.

  • Andrii H

Fantastic phone! Bought three days ago, but still impressed. There is everything you need. Convenient camera, powerful battery, two SIM cards, flash drive, 3.5mm input, large and high quality screen. And the look is just crazy - a very beautiful and stylish phone, especially in blue. I recommend 100%!

  • Nena

Don't buy this phone. It's awful and a huge waste of your time. I have had it for a year and put politely - it's a piece of S##T. It gets screen freeze at least once a day for approx 10mins. It has quirks like - If you don't want to use fingerprint or pattern login and you touch the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, the device assumes you are a thief or an unauthorised user and automatically enters AEROPLANE MODE and disconnects your call. Nothing in the user manual about this "feature".

  • Anonymous

Very good phone for this price bought it from Tunisia

  • Hendra

Bought it, loving it. So far so good

  • Anonymous

Substandard fingerprint response and accuracy not even the maximum four finger print record of just one finger would help you get rid of the "not recognized" prompt and not end up keying in a pin code instead plus camera are most of the times a miss. Not even likable. Would only pass for a disposable phone plus if price is sliced in half.

  • Carol

GENZA, 17 Mar 2022Some people like you still believe in the myth that pure an... moreCool, so people who find pure android better because of experience, are onto a myth because they do not look at youtube videos....the r....ded world i'm living in...

Pls dont buy this phone, bought three months back and phone started switching off by itself every now and then, suddenly gets stuck in between of something, I went to authorised service center, they took just 30 + days to rectify the problem, awful, And above all this, the Customer care who will never listen to you and will just keep on repeatedly telling about the delay in the despatch of the component which has to be changed,
Worst phone ever, unsatisfactory customer care response, waste of money, Never will suggest any one to buy this brand Worst brand.

  • Danny

Save your money and buy a different brand!

This is by fart the worst phone I have owned so far.

Purchased the device at the end of 2020 and from the start the microphone was very crappy, the camera was slow and the fingerprint sensor very inaccurate. But the worst was to come shaped as Android 11 and after just 1 year the update this phone is unstable.
Apps are freezing, device is extremely slow, camera does not work from the first attempt, pay by phone errors out, etc.

Save your money and buy a different brand.

  • Anonymous

Shark5000, 06 Mar 2022Worst phone that you can buy today. It has the worst loud s... moreWorse fon I have ever used, like when ever I make a fon call the display keeps misbehaving, it will switch on flashlight and all that, and sometimes cut the call . I hate this phone