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Anonymous, 15 Oct 2021Is this phone still okay to use in 2021? Like do you notice... moreWell this is at least 50 times worse then a old realme UI phone

  • Anonymous

Is this phone still okay to use in 2021? Like do you notice any annoying bugs in the UI of this phone??? I'm planning to buy one of these cause I'm really tired of using buggy and sluggish Realme UI 😐

Worst OS ever. Bought with no multi selection or multi deletion. Way too lazy android but games were really fluid and nice camera. Worth buy for you old relatives that are first time with smartphones. Screen is nice. 5/10

  • Vidur

REMBO569, 25 Jul 2021After 4 years of hard everyday using of my nokia 6 the volu... moreI m also using a same problem I have Nokia 5 I think this is not a software problem this is a hardware

After 4 years of hard everyday using of my nokia 6 the volume up button stoped working. Is this could be physical button problem or hardware?

  • KingDong71

I love my Nokia 6! Fast, slim and has brilliant photo quality. I push my phones hard and this is the only one which has kept up with my work and pleasure needs. I'll definitely be replacing with another Nokia. I expected a lot from a phone manufacturer that has been making phones from the onset and they delivered. Well done Nokia.

Phone guy 14, 29 Apr 2021Absolutely horrendous phone my mother uses it she has to us... moreIt's a Snapdragon 430 phone, what can you expect?

Remember the old days when this phone was rumored as the "Nokia C1"? Ahhh..... I'll miss those days. I can't believe it's already been so long.

Absolutely horrendous phone my mother uses it she has to use my phone to take pictures because her nokia 6 takes 30 minutes to take 1 frickin picture! It lags even when you open a map full of apps and the battery drains like crazy! DONT BUY!! Even my cheap 150 dollar phone is much faster and she loves using my phone the speed is nothing to write home about but it's a powerhouse compared to this metal brick!

  • Drey

How can I share file with PC on my Nokia 6?
It keeps showing CD on the pc

  • Shihan

I can't forget this phone...
I caught secret of my wife in this phone..
Best phone I ever used..

  • milan chand

one of the best built quality phone i ever used and its a pure stock android for easy to use comparing to other devices..nowadays many smarts phone are comming with plastics and glass while the nokia 6 is a metal of aluminium

Daniel Hosseinzadeh, 04 Jan 2021This phone is awfully hot, I have had this awful phone for ... moreUsing this phone with a protective phone case and screen protector will save you from this problem. If you do not charge the phone during use then you might get better experiences.

Hey There!
I am using Nokia 6 (2017)-TA-1021, Tempered Blue colour since 2017. The phone build is solid and it feels good in the hand.
The metal build is the most stylish yet annoying feature of the phone. Because when you're using mobile data in a regular room temperature (around 25°C) the phone swelters and the phone battery drains faster. Even if you simultaneously charging and using the phone, it becomes sweltering. The metal body easily gets scratches even after careful daily uses. But just using a regular phone case can guard you against this problem.
The battery life is reasonable but you need a couple of cycles of charging daily if you are a heavy user. It charges up considerably faster than many other phones of micro USB 2.0.
This version sometimes comes with the faulty loudspeakers. Fortunately, I received warranty services and got a new pair of built-in loudspeakers with free services. The built-in Dolby surround sound really rocks! The sound is really nice and clear in headphones and loudspeakers.
The device lag is not that much annoying. I should say it's actually nice.
The display is nice to me and I am using the dark mode of android apps comfortably on this phone. Though Gorilla-3 glass on the top still it produced few scratches. Simply using proactive film on the screen will save you from this issue. Trust me its way better than glass protectors.
Received OS upgrades till Android 9 and regular security updates till late 2020.
Now come to the camera option. The back camera performs well in daylight but produces a lower quality of images during low lights. But if you use the manual mode and a tripod/gimbal then it produces better images and videos. The selfie camera is okay in daylight but in 2021 it is not sufficient at all.
You can play all the available games in the market in 2021. Though the battery drains quite faster if you play online games. No significant delays or device lag has been observed.
The speed of the internet both in WI-FI and mobile data is okay. The mic quality is more than good. The hybrid dual SIM support rocks for me.
I am using this phone from the year of launch. Still, I think it was a great purchase beside a few cons which I somehow managed to overcome.
I totally recommend this phone with a protective phone case and screen protector. This is a very good phone for day to day heavy use. I am ready to buy this phone second time in 2021 if required.
Thank You NOKIA!

  • LAW321

The best thing about this phone is that it's not an Android one device. Once Nokia aka HMD joined the program, everything is in a mess.

They should develop either a new custom skin or use something close to stock Android.

This phone is awfully hot, I have had this awful phone for about a year. It is very slow and regressive and even has lag in light style games.

Konst, 02 May 2020After about three years of use I can firmly say that nokia ... morenon of the new nokias come with an aluminium body sadly. best thing is to replace battery

  • Lily

Absalomz zambia, 19 Jan 2020Trying to update OS and it shut down. Now it won't switch o... moreI've got the same problem

  • Anonymous

A super reliable phone. Very, very well built. Uncomplaining.
Bought it 2017. Have it as my second phone.

  • pius

i bought nokia 6 4gb/64gb on and it prompted me 7-11-2020, i started using it and today 9-11-2020 it prompted me to update the operating system which was having a capacity of 1.6gb. since it started that process its displaying the NOKIA logo only. and its heating up and its not restarting.
what might be the problem and how can i rectify it??