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  • Anonymous

Nokia6 can not support 4g sim pls advice me

  • Benny J

I bought this phone yesterday, brand new in box. Very smooth. But it gets hot when used while charging

  • Anonymous

Sabbir Munna, 26 Aug 2020I have been using nokia 6 for 3 years. In this period I did... moreSame to me

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2017bro, redmi phones doesnt last for mre dan 1 yr dey dnt hav ... moreGet a life dude my redmi is working since 2017.. Nd it still works fine where my nokia 6.1plus is dead. So dnt use stupid comments when u dnt know how to use a phone. 1 yr it's good bad. It's luck even ur iphone 11 could end up faulty . So dnt say useless comments

  • Sabbir Munna

I have been using nokia 6 for 3 years. In this period I didn't see any problem in my phone. But In this year March I have seen some SIM problem. Always it show's emergency and phone servicing notification shows SIM slot emergency SIM is not working normally. Please give a suggestion to solve my phone problem.

Nokiafan, 07 Jun 2020Happy and satisfied Nokia 6 user after 3 years, only the ca... moreWhat kind of Google Camera did you instal?

  • MickyDecadent

Have been using this phone for 3 years too. It's still quite decent and behaves well - no sudden crashes, lags, memory problems or leaks. It's very sturdy thanks to its metal body and doesn't get bent or deformed anywhere. I do need to admit that the battery life is a bit frustrating, since it runs out of juice rather quickly if you turn on your mobile internet, turn up the display brightness and play any games at the same time even for a short period of time. Can't say much about the performance in games that are heavy on graphics, CPU and RAM usage, since I've only played very simple or text-based ones. The camera module is rather outdated nowadays, but still manages to do the best basic minimum, especially if you use some third-party app that can uncover the camera's potential.

  • lakkiht

Review after almost 3 Years usage.

Very solidly built phone & It still looks new .
Built quality is too good ,No problem whatsoever
I bought Iphone 6 at same time it has lag issues ,power button issue ,volume button issue
NO issue with Nokia 6 .

The Best phone I bought till date

  • Nokiafan

Happy and satisfied Nokia 6 user after 3 years, only the camera last year I just installed Google Camera for better quality and have more features such as the Night Sight/Mode.

Looking forward upgrade to Nokia 6.3 or 7.3 for better spec, ziess lens camera and bigger ram & rom.

  • Anonymous

I used this phone for 3 years, now I have the Nokia 5.3 and it's excellent.

This phone is very reliable and solid I got updates and it lasted a long time still doing well but after 3 years of heavy use the battery was not so good no more. So I upgraded to Nokia 5.3.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2020Nokia iam using 3years finished,best camera,charge also I bought my Nokia 6, it is always hot, i have to charge it everyday, hanges, I am discouraged about it.

  • NokiaMaDuude

i've had this phone for 4 years already. and i aint gonna change phones anytime soon cuz this phone survived a 6-feet fall and only suffered a broken glass. some things that i really like is a dedicated google news section, very strong speakers, and a user friendly U.I.
things that i dont like from this phone is since its body is almost all solid aluminum alloy, it might be a bit heavy and it gets hot real quick. i disliked the hybrid sim/SD card slot cuz i'd have to sacrifice the dual slim slot for an SD card.

  • Konst

After about three years of use I can firmly say that nokia 6 is, in general, a reliable phone. Extremely resistant (it has fall several times) without having an issue concerning it's software apart from some scratches giving that it has fall from 1.50 meter all these times and specially on the road surface. The main problem, after these three years it's battery's life which is drained completely with a normal day-use. So, any suggestions for a new, solid, nokia?

  • JB

My wifw has had a Nokia 6 2017 since 2017!
It is a great phone with exceptionaly good sound.
All round it is a very good phone.

  • Anonymous

Yeah It gets too hot

syhrull, 05 Apr device so warmmmIs this normal,it will warm specially during daylight.It seem its body frame will absorb the environment's temperature.But at night it will not warm up.

  • ossaro

hmmmm that is very good.

  • syhrull

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2020my nokia 6 seems like having a corona virus always warm lik... device so warmmm

  • Anonymous

my nokia 6 seems like having a corona virus always warm like having a fever.Anybody here can advice me of any solutions to make this stuff cooler?pls...

  • hittheroadjack

Bought this in 2017: never gave me trouble. Then I wanted to buy a Note 9 and a year later the Note gives me trouble. And Im back using my trusty old Nokia 6 - sorry for ignoring you pal. Lesson learned. Only downer with this phone is its horrible camera.