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Nokia 6

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Anonymous, 02 Feb 2015I am waiting I am alsa waiting

  • BakedJake66

The phone specs seems decent, Nokia could have been a little more up to date with the specs of the phone. An 8MP camera is decent if the phone is priced between 5 - 10k INR. Secondly the screen resolution, a 720p screen is a little outdated for the 4K generation. The internal memory and the RAM is adequate and the phone comes with the latest version of Android. Lastly, in today's age where internet is the hub of all information, speed is of the utmost importance; this phone is said to not support the 4G LTE connection. All in all, decent specs that Nokia can put in a little more money into and upgrade for a bigger consumer base.

  • Chinmaya

Nokia is the best phone than other

  • pankaj

the first mobile x series is just experiment. but this time nokia is the best.

  • AnonD-358247

nokia phones so good but no 4g dual option

  • ramesh

phone is good but no 4g dual sim option

  • Anonymous

not so good as i expected

  • Anonymous

I am waiting

  • nokie the comeback

Mobilemaster, 25 Dec 2014Some of you are bashing Nokia. Look. This is not supposed to be... morewell, i agree with you sir but,

to some infos this one carries an intel 2.25ghz quadcore intel processor and a 3gb RAM so with this be not a flagship phone?.

  • nokia the comeback

OMID, 29 Dec 2014If Nokia use Android and more powerful CPU,display and camera wi... morewell, intel processor clocked with 2.25ghz quadcore. how much more of a computer you wanted to>?..hehe take note it will be released with Lollipop already in it!


Anonymous, 06 Jan 2015c1 specification intel 2.25ghz quad-core intel processer came... morehell yeah!! we'll wait for this!! (y)

  • AnonD-346562

All microsoft products are not anymore welcome from windows to smartphones. They reached a period of total loss and wanted to be floaded again by investing in big companies. Well they choose Nokia brand. Unfortunately both of them didnt succeed. It is time to say.... Microsoft u r dead long time ago and Nokia will survive only with Android and will become again number 1. As for cheap Samsung products, only silly people go for them...

  • Anonymous

atul, 30 Jan 2015plz tell Preliminary official specifications of c1 android......... moreSince it's not officially announced or its details have not leaked yet, tell me how can they tell you about it?

  • atul

plz tell Preliminary official specifications of c1 android...........

  • madhu

I'm waiting for nokia C1 "L" ....release as soon as fast.....

  • Ashiah

Only because of nokia was not makeing ANDROID is enjoying the success....n apple is selling its phone in india in large no......

  • Ash

I'm excited about it.....
Lauch's it faster.......

  • Vpp

When nokia made android
It means end of Samsung .....

  • sam

my all group waiting ur nokia c1 pls herry thanks

  • bashit

Lellow the Q, 11 Jan 2015Please Nokia, release it in phillippines firstWhy Nokia/Microsoft not made Android phones I love there hardware third class mobi companies made third class mobile phone but Microsoft train very. Much what is reason behind