Nokia 600

Nokia 600

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  • mani02

nk, 24 Aug 2011Some sources say that it has -512mb RAM -3d accelerator... morewhich sources????

  • john

It has got an outdated display... no LED or AMOLED.

  • sud

when Nokia will develop their os which can run adobe flash 10, see sams, lg, htc, almost every current models are capable or preinstall adobe flash 10.

And nokia think this (360*640) resolution is enough for mobiles

the point is either they have no idea about other brands or think whatever they supply people have to buy.

go to hell


for sure it is sonyericsson phone...stop copying plz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

nokia 500 is symbian anna os

  • Anonymous

nk, 24 Aug 2011Some sources say that it has -512mb RAM -3d accelerator... more
go to this site and you will understand that nokia 500, 600, 700 and 701 has got graphics accelerator.

but nokia 500 has got only 256 mb ram

all the others have got 512 mb ram.

  • Anonymous

nk, 24 Aug 2011Some sources say that it has -512mb RAM -3d accelerator... morenice to hear that hope is will be real. developer & user will be happy with more free RAM :) more free RAM = more good software support

  • kabir

nice job nokia..

  • AnonD-5502

every one will like this magical series....
Nokia starts to give ghz powre to devices....

  • Knows more

Prices expected and everything about the new models.

All the hard facts.

  • AnonD-180

nk, 24 Aug 2011Some sources say that it has -512mb RAM -3d accelerator... more

  • Greeen Fidelity

This Nokia 600 for about EURO185-210 will be a huge hit.
There is no doubt about that.
Small, weight 100 grams a lot of sugar in this little baby.

  • Vamsi

This is going to be a good seller, esp in India. Stands out from the pack with the loudest speaker, built in antenna for radio and the like. I have an N8 and am looking forward for the launch of this phone to buy this one as my second phone.

  • Undefined

Good phones launched by Nokia only problem is that they bring in the market too late. Remember nokia C2 when dual sim market was booming it never saw the daylight. They should immediately sell these if they want to capture the market share again. The best way is to reduce the price (just go for the kill) and effective marketing.

  • nk

Some sources say that it has
-512mb RAM
-3d accelerator
-tv out function

  • Anonymous

Looking Nice phone, Nokia has launch awesome smartphones with symbian belle OS, like Nokia 600,Nokia 700 & Nokia 701. I am waiting to buy it.

  • ankit

great phone no issue on buying just waiting for available in the stores...

  • tg

awesome,.. As i checked the leaked version of belle on n8, belle UI is androidised... No wrong with it.. Nokia is going to take its position back... Wow !! i checked specification on official device site, its has 512MB RAM, 1GHz processor, USB O-T-G, and even Graphics processor support(nokia 500 lacks)... What else you need for 12k???

  • Anonymous

NFC is Legend and cool NFC games are preloaded

  • Triztan Wicky

Nokia 600 is a Music Phone and tend to be in the Xseries Line up cuz of it's 106 phon speaker and the Design has the Xseries touch obviously... :) This one over here is By Far my Favorite among the Three new announced Symbian BeLLe Devices... 2ndLy i Like the Nokia 700 cuz it's so sLim... :D