Nokia 6020

Nokia 6020

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  • Jack

Malli, 08 Jan 2016i am using nokia6020 since 2006. recently i am not getting ... moreLook to transfer pics you can use the mms the pic has to be below 50 kb and must have a internet sim

  • Anonymous

My phone work from 2006-2019 in one original battery supplied with this device with 5-7 days stand by few Months will wiew battery is old and will have bug with 3 bar phone say battery is full but phone charged without problem with off this phone and on will fix this bug.I will replaced this battery now work without problem.I phone used as secondary device for reciving sms messages.

  • bunny

this phone have bluettoth

  • AnonD-692267

AnonD-664109, 23 Apr 2017This phone I bought on 2006. Till today I am using it. The... moreI also bought my nokia 6020 in 2006. I dont want to lose it because so i bought a new battery for it. Now im using it to upload my old photos with enhanced feature from facebook and its so very nice looking. Im just a little bit frustated because some of my photos are not available anymore because theyre corrupted. I also want to transfer my audios but i dont know where to buy a chord

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Dec 2009this phone is bad and it freezes every time sice i am using... moreMine also freezes many times....but what ia the reason??

  • AnonD-664109

This phone I bought on 2006. Till today I am using it. There is no problem with this equipment. Is there any software upgrade available for this instrument.

  • rk mRi

I also trying to get pictures from my 6020 but couldn't do, so any buddy can do help plz

  • Amol p k

Very nice phone no any problem.... its my 1st phone

  • Anonymous

I want to get photos from my Nokia 6020 but unable to............any one help me please..


  • AnonD-566500

icethug, 12 Oct 2010can i get all txt msg from my nokia 6020. from cellphone to pcIR port + Nokia Suite

  • AnonD-566500

AnonD-105138, 26 Jan 2013Good phone with great features, however it is not as durabl... moreSiemens A56 was the worst phone ever have... I miss 6020 so much

  • AnonD-566500

Awesome phone... Was my first cellphone with infrared conectivity... Nokia Rulezzz

  • mulugetadefa90

onkwoks, 24 Aug 2014is it possible to download truecaller application to my nok... moreTanke you

  • MAR

My 1st handphone on 2006 and i like this phone.

  • abhi

it shows unable to switch ptt on..what can i do?please help me

  • Malli

i am using nokia6020 since 2006. recently i am not getting original nokia battery BL-5B for replacement of old battery used for 4 years.Where can I get it?

  • Anonymous

A, 20 Oct 2015Been using this fone for 8 yrs now but since last week fone... moreyour simcard is broken

  • A

dc, 20 Oct 2013you buy new nokia mobile c101Been using this fone for 8 yrs now but since last week fone's message inbox doesnt open for only one simcard.....for other sims it workds just fine.....plz any1 tell me the solution

  • kin

Max Putha, 30 Jan 2015I'm using this mobile since 2008 without one single fault..... moreI use since 2006

  • nikki

Ayan.. , 18 Feb 2015My 3rd phn and my first camera phone. Spent my days croppin... morehow do you do that ? I have the same phone and I am searching for a way to transfer the pics and also contacts stored on the phone.