Nokia 6020

Nokia 6020

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  • Pikao

Another ugly phone from nokia designer´s!!!!

  • steppe eagle

looks better than the 6230, but still too bland for my taste...i prefer sushi and german beer (sony ericcson and siemens design)...the most blatant insult is that nokia still hopes to dries up the last of our money with that crap 128 x 128 screen..the way i see it, nokia u are disconnecting people...your loyal people, that is...only fascist and nokia zealots will standby them now..

  • Frm Malaysia

Cool!!!I've just found out from the nokia website that this phone do provide 'Push To Talk' function which is the first in Nokia. It's a kind of walkie talkie function that motorola used to have long time ago.

  • PJ

Hi there!!! i just want to ask weather this pfone do contain IR (infra Red)?
Juzt for my curiosity, i would be greatful if someone reply my message. Thanks:)

  • matt

popular design looks good but no bluetooth

  • akram

nokia is nonsense.same features but different model ericsson is no doubt market leader now days

  • Anonymous

same features as the 3220 but dif disign

  • Anonymous

nice fone good features and good disign

  • QuAKe

nuthin new and no good. Go the 7610

  • x_box20

i think nokia is bringin out some shit phone nowadayz wen will day upgrad like the rest off the wold im not gona lie to u but nokia is shit nowadayz dirrent phone, numberz but same featur

  • someone from cyprus

i thing that nokia sucks...!sony ericsson can beat easily nokia at the mobile have no chance...this 6020 nokia just stinks...we are in 2004 and all companies are taking out all smartphones they have and nokia is just repeating itsself..


classic but cool one...

  • loreto

Great lookin mobile...should have come instead of the Nokia 3220 or at least at the same time..1st quarter 2005 is a bit late i think...Even then good design from Nokia..

  • skater42

Whats the point???

Seriously, the 6230, 6220 etc etc are all the same. Different casing. Far out, will you really pay AU$300 and more for a new phone when you can get the same but a bit older version for less??

Seriously, this is the most annoying thing about Nokia, so many phones with minimal or no changes. Looks aren't everything.

  • tipper of year

a lovely buisness type fone it reminds me of my siemens s45