Nokia 6021

Nokia 6021

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  • Anonymous
  • 3xt
  • 24 Feb 2011

Although a tough phone, It lacks vital features such as a camera and MP3 music player. Which is a big let down as most Nokia phones around the same age as this did. Also the navigation key is very annoying and fiddly, you have to have small fingers to be able to use it, why Nokia couldn't have just put four naviagion heys up, down, left and right, with a ok button in the middle, I don't know. This would have been easier. A larger screen would be perfect. But overall an ideal first phone for anyone. Simple design, simple phone.

    • V
    • Vikram
    • yJX
    • 24 Jan 2011

    Had this phone for the past 6 yrs 2005 - 2010, still was working well and good , due to ppl shouting me to change this phone i changed it , 1 Helle of a phone . i love 6021 . good bluetooth and less radiation .

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      • Anonymous
      • PU0
      • 20 Jan 2011

      Anonymous, 20 Jan 2011can survive through the harsh whether conditions.. never le... morestayed with me through my military days .. !!

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        • Anonymous
        • PU0
        • 20 Jan 2011

        can survive through the harsh whether conditions.. never let me down.. through rain and shine .. i even dropped it countless times.. i think if u throw this phone at the dog, it will have a coma. HARDCOREPHONE

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          • symon zziwa
          • fqE
          • 23 Dec 2010

          its tru.the phonez batry life is incredible.its a workhorse but the battry must be original coz there so many on the mkt that arent bl-5b batry strictly

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            • Perf
            • ftV
            • 17 Mar 2010

            This phone almost d best,bt no radio in it too bad!

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              • ricky
              • ssI
              • 05 Feb 2010

              i need to change it in to english coud somone tell me ho it is in hebrew only

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                • T-Rex
                • 4Gb
                • 31 Jan 2010

                Hey I used to have a Nokia 6021 ans there was a certain sound that came standard with it. I want the file. Could anyone who has it send it to me, or does anyone know where I can get it? Thanks

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                  • Digital TV
                  • pkR
                  • 24 Dec 2009

                  This GSM is great,i loaded in it song from the movie adrenaline,and now i am so happy.10+

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                    • Raafat
                    • NhJ
                    • 31 Oct 2009

                    i want this phone urgent from egypt

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                      • Alex.
                      • m5L
                      • 30 Oct 2009

                      I have this phone. Its old now and is ripped to pieces but still works fine with no problems. I would certainly recommend this phone to anyone who needs a good old tough phone.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • p$Q
                        • 17 Oct 2009

                        PC connectivity via bluetooth works in linux - with gammu.

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                          • amitesh
                          • 2SQ
                          • 17 Oct 2009

                          hey i use this handset & its the best set

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                            • Sudharsan
                            • vGj
                            • 10 Oct 2009

                            Great & Splendid handset ever..Used this for 4+ Yrs and spoken for more than 700 Hrs.. This is the US Military standard phone.

                            I have dropped it from 2nd Floor, I have run over it in Car,
                            Nothing happened but scratches.

                            This is great phone....Cute and hard.

                            mail me for further stories @

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                              • Yunus
                              • Rn@
                              • 30 Jul 2009

                              i love this phone. it can take a beating.

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                                • Frank
                                • NHH
                                • 28 May 2009

                                Real nice 4ne. Good screen resolution. Fast GPRS with its EDGE. Though has no camera and video recorder, it can play video.

                                  • k
                                  • krisik1
                                  • 33K
                                  • 23 May 2009

                                  hei i have this phone and it is very cool!

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • mrE
                                    • 13 May 2009

                                    + Works but

                                    - Useless as will not connect via bluetooth or cable connection to PC suite (and believe me I've tried everything and have had 4 different 6021's for work)

                                    5/10 as a phone

                                    0/10 for effective connectivity with a PC!

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                                      • beverley
                                      • M}c
                                      • 25 Mar 2009

                                      i seem to have lost the message i had saying --to leave a message and i will call you back.
                                      i looked in the manual and it does not seem to be there. maybe i am looking incorrectly.

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                                        • andry_jns
                                        • wre
                                        • 31 Jan 2009

                                        Very reliable one if you have to go for outdoor activity/work. Of course, if you must use a mobile with no camera in it.