Nokia 6060

Nokia 6060

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  • Anonymous

Did anyone transfer audio MP3 files from the PC to this Nokia? And MIDI ? Is possible to transfer MIDI and mp3 from de PC to 6060? I need program to do this or just a cable??

  • Edde

Thanks ting pudue pui ! I was crazy whith the low call level. Now i can fix it. ;)

  • Denio

It seems that my Nokia 6060 doesn't activate the vibration. I tryed option "Setting-Tone-Vibration alert-On" but nothing happens. Any help?

  • Guy

I have the phone for over a week now and I already love it. I just wondered about two things. Where did you guys find a data cable, the nokia site doesn't mention this.
The second question i have is about linking a different ringtone to contacts. That way I can know who is calling without opening the phone.
thx for the answers to my questions.

  • Gert

Thanks Rar for your comments regarding adjusting the sound of the nokia girlfriend was going crazy due to the low sound level...

You've saved from a lot of nagging and buying her a new phone...

Thx Bro


  • John

The Nokia 6060 is a nice basic flip-top looks good too, and everyone will think it is an expensive one..It lacks the use of a built in camera, but i now have a Data Cable for it, and can put my own things on it. If I couldn't find a Data cable, then i would have bought a different mobile, but it would have still been a Nokia.

  • inoj

If you are looking for an USB cable for this wonderful phone, just google for "USB 4-Pin Mini-B" for a store near you.

i'm out...

  • kapil gera

Please any one tell me how to connect this from pc to computer
Nice Phone which rich color

  • joe

you can download graphics and mp3 from the gprs option on your phone if your sevice provider supports it.. try it this really works


we ( me and my hubby ) just got the nokia's 6060. it is not bad. but u should go to germany. if u are a nokia freek u would love there phones. they are way smaler, and sheeper then here in the us.

  • Anonymous

i just wanted to ask how can i receive mp3 without bluetooth? because in mms form it does not seem to work.

  • Dimitri

I've got this phone next to the 7710 and its a good phone. It's plain and simple with all the basic functions.In black it looks great,(looks expensive), but you have to polish it all the time (fingerprints). And the red indicatorlicht on front slowly tuns on and off when you missed a call or sms (NOT knightriderstyle like). NICE AND BASIC PHONE WITH GREAT LOOKS.

  • Amit

Want to know --how can I increase the earpiece volume of Nokia hardly able to hear. Pls help

  • kleo

I am interested how does an endurance of the battery looks at that phone. Anyway, it looks lovely :)
greeting from Poland

  • Richard

does anyone knows if it's possible to change the front cover?

  • BLUE R

hi rar used your tip on volume ajust on the 6060 it worked 4 me i can here it now thank you blue. (have a grate day all)

  • keith

hi all the volume ajust works just dun mine i can here it now thank

  • Moon

Great looking, but you can hardly hear the person you are talking to at the phone.. The battery is very good and if you are bored.. the games are great.

  • Rosita Brown-Mart

This phone is just PURE CRAP!!! - I know the will release it very soon either as a free phone or as a Prepaid PREPACKED because it just SUCKS BIG TIME!!! - for godīs sake where are the features minimum to a cellphone... no external display! - ok but what about an IR PORT AT LEAST for us to SYNC our phone withthe outside world... not all of us are kids looking for cool wallpapers and ringtones, if I wanta basic phone I jsut go on eBay and buy a 6610 or 6100 or some other Classic and VERY MUCH RELEIABLE NOKIA PHONE!!! - this phone JUST SUCKS!!!! BBIIGG TTIIMMEE!!! KEEP YOURSLEF AWAY FROM IT... anmd yes I can talk becauseI had for like 45 minutes... I then went back to the store and demand another phone or I was going to cancel my contract... I got then a 6630 for $29,99 with an one year contract - now this is a phone!.... well Im out... bye peoples!

  • zulfi

I have baught it one week ago i wanna know that how can we download ringtones is there any cable or software pls tell me