Nokia 6060

Nokia 6060

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  • chris

hey....can anyone tell me how good the service on it is? thanks. i need something with really good service where i live. thanks

  • A.YF

Hmm! its realli one kool thing...No doubt!!. I ve just bought one and the best thing is its desing, Its body and an impressive display...gud quality speaker there is no problem with the speaker there is no distoration of the sound. Yes a bit low voice from earpeice as my xperience evn wid the volume bar at Max. Wap 1.2.1 is the next defect u wont be able to run opera mini--one gr8 browser the user interference is one at its best and the nokia site assures a plug and play flash connector which's slot u can see at the bottom but its not out yer (cable) the phone has its quality and how can ne one forget the label "NOKIA" over it.

  • A Barbequer

I meant Knightrider....My bad.

  • A Barbequer

Does the phone do "swoosh swoosh" as Kit in Nightrider? Or does it just pulsate? If it does "swoosh swoosh" (don't laugh) it would be the best gadget ever and I probably would buy it straight away.

  • rar


to ting pudue pui .....

THANKYOU for posting the info about the voice volume! You've made my new phone good again.

To everyone who doesnt want to read through the comments to find it, you have to press the right menu button when you are on a call. You only have to do it once.

  • kayka

hi,so is this 6060 to have it?as i mean is this phone suits for teen like me?sadly there is no camera..can some1 tell me info bout this hp?

  • john

i just like is the best

  • jontsu

kayka:theres no camera in this phone..

  • kayka

hi,i was thinkin to buy this phone and i have some question to this a camera phone?where is the camera?ermm

  • 6060_owner

if the keytones and earspeaker are too soft, the phone is faulty. also the loudspeaker mode should blow you away too. try any other recent nokia model, it should be the same loudness.

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone about 10 days ago.
To my opinion it's one of the best cell phones sold in my country at its price. I like the size, shape and design. The only disappomyimg issue on this phone is that I can't connect it to any pc and is no usb connection. So I cannot download anything to it because we don't have wireless isp system in our country for the time being.

  • chiem

i bought it this afternoon. It's good.
How to Plug and Play?

  • amon ra

Do i have to pay extra taxes, or just my operator taxes????

  • altaf

I bought this phone a couple of day back and it has 2 major problems:- low volume of incoming ring. during call the voice received and sent is garbelled. It is an OK phone but I would suggest don't waste your money.

  • kalcool

To Buy:......

"kalcool: 65k colours is perfectly acceptable for a phone without a camera. How many colours do you need to view texts and scroll your contact list?

And the keypad is very comfortable actually. The soft keys are a bit flimsy, but otherwise the design is nice and simple."

------------ you sound like one of those guys who are stuck with Nokia and don't see what others are ofeering in the same price range.
I have nothing to comment if you are saying this keypad is fine. Maybe its for people like you then.

  • cryptx

I bought this phone just after new years and it is great, to put mp3 ringtones on this phone use, it uses the WAP function. buy this phone it is excellent.

  • Amon

HI ! I'm from Romania, and i just bought a 6060. I just find a data cable (not original, not from nokia)for this cell.You plug the cable under your battery and it work.

  • vio79

via WAP

  • Pigmario

Another Stupid phone from Nokia , sorry to Say.. this i'm a huge Fan of Nokia but Seems they lost their gold touch recently .....!!!

  • missk

how the hell are you supposed to put on mp3 ringtones if you can't connect it to your computer?