Nokia 6111 review: Venus and maybe Mars too

Michal Sedlák, 17 December 2005.

We have tested the stylish Nokia 6111 slider. It's delicate; it has megapixel camera, MP3 player and built-in radio. Why the memory card is missing though? Nokia says that it is a phone for the ladies. Can it turn men's heads, too?

Key features

  • sliding construction with compact size
  • megapixel camera
  • GPRS and EDGE Class 10
  • Bluetooth and infrared port
  • active standby mode
  • MP3 player
  • stereo FM radio

Main disadvantages

  • no memory card slot
  • average display
  • surface gets dirty very fast
  • bad camera lens location
  • poor loud speaker sound quality

Although we'll find a lot of phones with sliding construction in the Nokia proposals, Nokia 6111 model is the first stylish phone of this type. The brand itself presents it like a smart little phone, intended for the ladies' hands and handbags. Of course, it is not only a female thing, 6111 is very appealing for men as well; the equipment is solid, there is EDGE support, Bluetooth and active standby display, which is something rare in a classic phone so far.

Other on-coming production, like Siemens CF110 or Siemens SL75 for example, immediately are coming into my mind when looking at Nokia 6111. The legend, named Samsung D500 and its successor Samsung D600 are inseparably passing trough the whole "pack of sliders", too.

Samsung D500E Samsung D600E Nokia 6101

Nokia has slightly moved back from its daring creativity. The design maniacs could speak favorable for the Nokia experiments, but it would be pointless, having in mind the fact that the company doesn't manage to sell these models according to the plans. Nokia had put its fingers in the fire with its clamshells, that's why the "Asian" 6101 has appeared. Nothing however has to be left to the chance with the sliders; the right way is just the conservative way.

Two color variants

Nokia 6111 is ok in hands. You'll have to rummage in your briefcase for a while however, until you find this device with its proportions of 84 × 47 × 23 millimeters and a 92 grams weight. There are two color variants - the silver base remains the same, while the internal lining is black or white. This implementation anticipates the probable men's hesitations, such as "the functions of this phone answer my requirements, but this white color..."

Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111
Live pictures of Nokia 6111

I have in hand exactly the version for men. Right here I am complaining about the black plastic surfaces, which maybe looked good at the promotional photographs, but get on nerves in practice. A day usage is enough for the phone to get greasy. The hand leaves its marks on the 6111 cover more than it is acceptable.

Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111
The phone in hand

Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111
Comparing the size with a credit card

The phone size is almost like a credit card, that's why all operating elements are easily accessible. The main button switch is at the top; initially I thought it was a cover safety catch, Nokia 6111 doesn't have exchangeable covers, though. The button could have been less sunk; moreover its response is not clear, I have locked the phone three times.

Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111
Nokia 6111 from all sides

The compact plastic capping strip of the Pop-Port connector and the new narrower charger slot are mounted right above. I have found also here a red sliding plate; after pressing it the back cover loosens. After its removal you'll se a 700 mAh battery, promising 192 hours stand-by and more than 3 hours of talk time.

Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111
A battery appears after the removal of the cover

SIM card on the backside

A place behind the display is prepared for the SIM card. On the back of the upper sliding part we'll find a wicket door, behind which is the slot for the SIM card.

Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111
The small slot of the SIM card

Behind, right next to the shiny "Nokia Megapixel" sign, the border ornament of the camera lens protrudes outwards unpleasantly. It looks good, but you'll forgot about all its beauty when see your phone constantly shaking on the table, taking funny unstable poses. I would appreciate also a cover for the lens glass - when you hold Nokia 6111 with your left hand the forefinger tip reaches exactly the optics, the right hand contacts the glass, too. There is a tiny self-portrait mirror and a flash LED.

Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111
Camera lens • self-portrait mirror • flash • the phone doesn't lie firmly

There is a thick cover for the infrared port and the loud speaker on the left side. On the right, there are two small, but convenient buttons for volume control and a very unsuccessful camera shutter, which I would criticize in the part, devoted to the megapixel pictures.

Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111 Nokia 6111
Infrared port • loud speaker grid • volume control

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Hi, I've been using Nokia 6111 for almost 4 years. Now it has developed a problem. There is no display on the screen. It requires a Flex cable. Can you help me with the part# and approximate price of the cable please? I'd appreciate very much. Than...