Nokia 6111 review: Venus and maybe Mars too

17 December 2005
We have tested the stylish Nokia 6111 slider. It's delicate; it has megapixel camera, MP3 player and built-in radio. Why the memory card is missing though? Nokia says that it is a phone for the ladies. Can it turn men's heads, too?

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  • haz

Eddy, 06 Sep 2006i just got the Nokia 6111 but can not make use of the radio. why?connect ear pone

  • 2345

too classic but mine just kept quiet never woke again.


Hi, I've been using Nokia 6111 for almost 4 years. Now it has developed a problem. There is no display on the screen. It requires a Flex cable. Can you help me with the part# and approximate price of the cable please? I'd appreciate very much.

  • Mnivora

I have thz nokia 6111 i 4 got my codes plz help me to find thm

  • diamond

i hope i'll be satisfy to use this model ! ! !

  • Anonymous

based from the comments i've read im afraid to have the nokia 6111

  • Moses

This is too much,i love the phone but am failing to get it anywhere here.Help me out i need one with all its accessaries,However much it may cost me.Thanks.i live upcountry in Uganda.

  • ntee

Am very much disappointed, Nokia whats up? And i thought you were the best. My 6111 is not even a week old and it has started giving me negative warnings. It froze in the middle of an SMS and the screen went white. Who knows what will just go off for good? If there is anything you can do, then do it quick dont just shatter my dream of a really cute slide i thought i could rely on.

  • Jess

im well angry. it just died.
a few of my mates have done that
it wont charge
and im getting so angry
ilove this phone
and if i have to get a new one
i wont be happy

  • SeXy GiRl

i have bought the nokia 6111 yesterday and it looks very lovely, i wish that no problems could have becuase he is my baby now. it is very loud and the screen and camera is very good. i like it very much.

  • gemma

nice fone. very loud. but cant i use a memory card with it?

  • Anonymous

This phone is great but it hasnt a card slot.

  • Anonymous

you would probably need to connect the head phone first then turn the radio on.

  • Eddy

i just got the Nokia 6111 but can not make use of the radio. why?