Nokia 6120 classic

Nokia 6120 classic

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  • D.

369! It showld be a fast symbian. Same old story: battery sucks! Also, poor camera. Overall it looks better and it is better than 6233. I'm curious about the speakers cuz 6233 is perfect in this case.
Sorry about my english; I'm foreign.

  • awais

Looks like motorola low price phone.not going good

  • kenzo

Dream fone....upgrade of 6233....
my next fone

  • SU ckers

om my!!! this is really a cool gadget.u know why, it carries inside a CPU, really great! it is faster thatn any other latest nokia models,even compared to other brands...
How much will this thing cost???

  • Anonymous

im the first! WOW! looks like nokia 6233! nice!