Nokia 6121 classic

Nokia 6121 classic

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  • edis

Jack, 02 Dec 2018I, too, have been using it since 2007. I've changed the bat... moreUse tiny droplets of "moment" kind of glue to hold broken covers.

  • Jack

I, too, have been using it since 2007. I've changed the battery three times and one element that fastens the back panel to the phone has broken off (I heard that this is quite typical of this model), but I just taped the panel to the phone (how often do you need to open it anyway?). No surprise, considering I've dropped it about 20 times perhaps, over the years. Onto carpets, hard floors and asphalt... Once, into snow. And still works like a charm. Maybe it's a bit slower than it used to be, but that's it. No glitches in the operating system, apps working just fine etc. A brilliant piece of tech. I'm putting off buying a smartphone as long as the 6121 allows me to :)

  • Indrit

Since 2007 i have been using these phone and never let me down for me is a top 10 mobile phone 😊

  • mandal

very good handset

  • rodznhidz18

excelente! I like this phone very much..very nice to use,beautiful and fast to download the this phone is worth for me.. :)

  • Giri

Sir, How can i get Lat/Longs &landmarks in Nokia 6121 by using internal GPS

  • Mo arif

bo, 26 Jul 2012can use beats earphone ?Nokia 6120

  • bo

can use beats earphone ?

  • statimanto

please i use this model.please can you add wi-fi options to make it more demanded.its a good product but please upgrade on this

  • Airnakicreations

u smell, 12 Dec 2011does dis fone have wifiNo, no WiFi

  • RickSyd

Does the 6121 have a connector for an external antenna?

  • arun

is a vary vary.gooooooooooood.. cell .. im using..

  • u smell

does dis fone have wifi

  • mohit

i have used this phone(Finland made)
amazing phone my best set i ever used nothing is better than this phone compared to present phones

  • Anonymous

Max, 04 Jul 2011Where can i buy this phone in Nairobi Kenya Ineed original... moreThe original is only getting saudi Arabia.

  • Max

Where can i buy this phone in Nairobi Kenya Ineed original one not china made please help

  • tarun

how much cost is it?

  • Anonymous

How Can We Update The FirmWare Of This Phone ?

  • No different

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2010what is the different between nokia 6120C and Nokia 6121cIt gud

  • casie

does the Nokia 6121 classic have a black list option...