Nokia 6131

Nokia 6131

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  • Fethi
  • CDA
  • 26 Jul 2022

Good fone

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    • leffe
    • nmM
    • 21 Jul 2022

    I have mentioned it before, you can take selfies with the phone not opened (the display shut) and look at the small display press the camera button

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      • micro-glitch
      • 7W4
      • 11 Jul 2021

      Abdullahisaad, 28 Oct 2020Is it worth to buy this phone 2020No because it has no Wi-Fi.

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        • yes
        • 3rP
        • 12 Apr 2021

        Abdullahisaad, 28 Oct 2020Is it worth to buy this phone 2020yes

          Is it worth to buy this phone 2020

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            • ATIQAH
            • tu6
            • 05 Oct 2020

            my 1st ever phone
            it was the best phone
            if they bring it back deff be the 1st one to buy it

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              • Lefa
              • JcU
              • 09 Apr 2020

              The 6131 have a selfie camera if you do not flip it open the camera take a selfie and the small display shows the picture (of yourself) click on the camerabutton and you hav a selfie.

                Anonymous, 13 Feb 2006i think i just saw my next phone!:) Hope it does not cost m... more(hopefully) it isn't your last

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                  • AnonD-714519
                  • 0nt
                  • 09 Nov 2017

                  i owe a brand new lenovo android smart phone with plenty of feautures. it full fill all of my needs. But not satisfied . i have been wandering thoughouts the online showrooms to find my lost love. finally ,surprisingly i found her . thats my 6131. im gonna have her in my hands within a week . just anxioulsly waiting for her arrival .

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                    • Anonymous
                    • X%n
                    • 29 May 2017

                    i love this phone but there's a problem with the folding, how to get full housing of this model

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                      • მ&#430
                      • JEX
                      • 20 Jan 2017

                      How do I subscribe? Once you have sold and the new?

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                        • pramod
                        • rAg
                        • 13 Sep 2016

                        Nokia 6131 so nice

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                          • pramod
                          • rAg
                          • 13 Sep 2016


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                            • rahul-nicks
                            • IaH
                            • 28 Aug 2016

                            im using dis phone since 2006 to 2013... its my fav. mobile ever.. nd its button fold system was awsum.. its a Royal Mobile Phone ever....

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 3J0
                              • 26 Jan 2015

                              chommz, 14 Nov 2014How have you been using this since 2005 when it only came o... moreI bought the phone from a T MOBILE shop

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                                • Anonymous
                                • S0u
                                • 19 Dec 2014

                                NOKIA 6131 is an interesting, really luxurious, beautiful, attractive and durable mobile. I used it since 2006 till now. Please reproduce the product by progressing the technical specifications, for example: expand the memory capacity (internal & external), increase the camera pixel, change the operation system (touch screen), add a very small increment on phone dimension and screen size, and etc. without changing the existing physica design.

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                                  • chommz
                                  • 3WY
                                  • 14 Nov 2014

                                  Anonymous, 12 Oct 2014using since 2005. I cant let go this phone. My lucky charm.... moreHow have you been using this since 2005 when it only came out in 2006?

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                                    • Basant
                                    • NrY
                                    • 21 Oct 2014

                                    An awesome phone

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • uth
                                      • 12 Oct 2014

                                      using since 2005. I cant let go this phone. My lucky charm. it is. Why ? because it has two screens and can put three wallpaers. Plus so many themes. I like the custom sounds in themes which ring when i open or close the flap. Yes its highly addictive why? because it fits so perfectly in hand . Very few hand sets are designed as per our hands. this one rocks. It was the first 16.1 million colors phone in india. Also the first NFC phone in india. This phone is Guiness book deserver !

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                                        • VJ
                                        • uth
                                        • 12 Oct 2014

                                        Helena, 26 Sep 2014Does anyone know how I can get i working again. I had it pu... moreBattery you get in any store just read the model. Charge the battery externally with battery charger or internatlly with normal charger. or take to any repair store wont cost much for old phone. I am using mine since 9 years got refurbished twice. 2 battery changes till date. Cant let go this beauty