Nokia 6131

Nokia 6131

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  • just me

it has nfs !!!
1st fone with nfs acording to

  • AnonD-220977

Best phone I ever had.

  • suzan

settings on the internet and sim menu

  • Fabi

They still sell them new, some cell shops or on the internet does anyone know why so many of these old phones are beng sold new in box, are they replicas ?

  • psherlymae

my first camera ph0ne ever. comes fr0m a special friend. he gave me this f0n dec.2006 as christmas gift..this is a m0st excellent and user's friendly f0n ever.. but it was st0len after 8m0nths :-(

  • AnonD-64161

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2013Upgrade to android 1.1how you do that please tel me

  • Anonymous

Ashu, 03 Mar 2013It is actually the first phone ever to feature NFC(Near Field Co... moreUpgrade to android 1.1

  • Ashu

It is actually the first phone ever to feature NFC(Near Field Communications)

  • vicky

I have this Phone and it used to play animated themes, but now it doesnt on the main display....has it got to do anything with flash lite ? how can i repair this. Its a great phone I love it

  • RDH

Had one for many years. I love it, the call quality at both ends and Bluetooth are excellent

  • Anxhela

This is my 1st phone :P To say the truth I didnt like it at the beginning, but now I Love this phone :)) For da moment my phone is black, but imma gonna change his caps :D Kisses :)

  • otman

shlomit, 20 Apr 2012i missing this mobile phone, where i can get it? the problem is that it does not support a lot of new app's and it does not support fowarding videos

  • Kc

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2011one of the most stylish set ever by nokia. dual screen concept o... moreIt is very bad phone bz it cant work bluetooth d aplication

  • Canada Eh?

This was my second phone I ever used. Loved the design and it served its purpose.

This was a very durable phone.

  • Joey

Iam Really Missing That Awesome Phone, It's Good Loking And Apps Like Ebuddy etc..., And Sound Quality Is Very good Adn The Battery Life is Good Too Its An Awesome Phon I am really Missing It

  • Amit

Nokia 6131 is the first NFC phone ...

  • noki

Yes, 20 May 2012Ebay yes!!! another Q are keys hard or comfy??? texterexcellent typing experience.

  • hullo

reply to message cursor goes into TO area how to stop that please???

  • dondach

excellent phone but the battery it`s sooooo poooor

  • Yes

Raju, 10 Feb 2012can I get this mobile phone now? Ebay yes!!! another Q are keys hard or comfy??? texter