Nokia 6131

Nokia 6131

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  • maj

omg 16 million colers?????? from 256k to 16m!! nokia is really pushing the boundries here. i just hope it remains 16m :):)

  • al.z

this is comparable to the panasonic sa6/mx6/vs3 etc. phones. it took nokia more than a year to release a phone with 16.7M colours and the result is very similar to that of the panasonic.
too bad pana didn't push on with it's models and add an miniSD slot. being a leader in sales does not anything more than that. i mean, most of the nokia phones are just wild experiments, very few of them being really usable, ergonomic and price-worthy.

  • Abdullah

anybody knows when we can buy this great phone? i think it will be the nokia's next best seller phone....

  • Nik

this phone looks gorgeous. has everything i need. i cant wait for it to come out.

this is the first nokia flip that i like. im using a 6270 german made with a 2gb mini sd and its pretty good, but bulky.

well lets just wait n see what goes on.

"Nokia from the east, to the west; Nokia is the best."

  • Andy

Well done Nokia.

  • wojt

very nice phone, if nokia continue sellin' that kind of devices they will be ok :]

  • albert

It is very very good phone

  • Dreadnought

Very nice phone, display is taken to the next level what comes to mid-range phones...

  • Akbar

Why the flaps are of unequal size? Was this smudge in its design necessary?

  • Anonymous

6136 has small screens .. but have WLAN.. Then 6131 have big screens but no WLAn Indeed ,clever business move ...

  • DiscreteX

Perfect mid-range to date! Balanced features and price!

  • Domino

Great ! And there even will be a white version ! Super great !
But in the Nokia vocabulary ''expected 2nd Quarter 2006 '' means end of 3rd Quarter 2006, or even 4 Quarter....

  • shady

Hi im happy to say im the first person to post opinion. This a cool mobile which all features including EDGE but doesnt hav 3G .

  • bodeh6

This is my next phone. Should be around 275Euro or $330 USD. The screen is amazing and the outside appearance is very professional and stylish. Can't wait to get this phone. I just love this phone and really the only thing you could have added would have been a 2MP camera and more internal memory but I am very happy.

  • Anathaema

and they had a revelation when they looked at Samsung E730 model and said: we'll make one just like it :))

nice features, but considdering the 1.3mpix cam, they want to mid-range it

  • Anonymous

16mill color with a large screen, I think i just saw my next phone!:) Hope it won't cost much. And hoping nokia have improve the hinges. N6101 hinges is not as smooth as samsungs. But still with all the features, this phone rocks. Finally, nokia is coming out with better looking and feature packed clampshell phone. Something samsung have failed to do. I always felt that Samsungs only advantage has always been their lcd screen and great phone designs but feature wise, they lack behind nokia and sony ericsson.

  • Anonymous

i think i just saw my next phone!:) Hope it does not cost much. And also hoping that they have improve the hinges. 6101 hinges is not as smooth as samsungs. But still, 16mil colors just like panasonic's v6 is awesome.

  • Jan

Great phone, only the internal memory is just 11 MB

  • Taiki

16.7 million colours? sound good to me...
such a shame that they still put the 1.3 mp with this high resolution -_-"