Nokia 6151

Nokia 6151

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  • bigblackmomma

One More stupid phone to Nokia list. Desing is cool, but poor features.

  • Oneeb

cOol features but the design is not cool

  • slutqueer

it sucks, looks good, but features suck... like me

  • surferguy

looks alot like 6233, just with out the features... i'll wait for the 6233.. hehe

  • Dreadnought

It´s nice. it would have been better with an proper display though...

  • Anonymous

This is a basic shaped model like the 6030 but it includes all the features a 6230i has !

  • Ken

The lack of a secondary camera is a big minus for a 3G mobile.

  • rezarazu

features: very good
design: very2 poor =(

  • enteng

nice phone. =)