Nokia 6151

Nokia 6151

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  • Anonymous

most ugly phone ever seen, yes it's 3g, but with such basic features & bad design, charge you good money of 240 euro??

  • jo

New budget handsets from Nokia

  • Anonymous

looks like the 6021 and 6020 but has better features.

  • joy

another hitmaker from nokia......good job guys...

  • cupu loh

a budget phone from nokia, my estimation price is Rp. 2.500.000,-.

  • dynamic_gsm

Again great phone by Nokia , is not availble yet to say about it , but i think is a smale phone with nice option , and is go better if is lunched with intressted price!

  • Julian

The phone is very good and i wait to buy

  • Prems

this phone has all the features but the drawback in this phone is it doesnt have an OS.

  • Zeeshan Ajmal

Can't Wait

  • Pupinu

Interesting phone. No front cammera and no Wlan but all the others conectivity features. Design is nice but some space unused. I guess a i version (6151i) will be available after this phone will be lunched (like 6230 and 6230i).

  • rx

Nice features. HSCSD, EDGE, 3G all in one. No front camera for a 3G phone doesn't sound good.. I prefer a front camera to back camera. Waste of space, Nokia should make the keypad or screen bigger instead of leaving so much unused space. But hey! it's a low end phone with everything in it except WLAN. If it's cheap enough, think will get this one. Luckily i didn't get 6030 :)

From Nokia website got this one: "FOTA: firmware update over the air". Can update the firmware just like getting the MMS/GPRS settings over the air?

  • Gagbag

Good.Miss the fact that it does't have flash.It's a good high-end low-end phone.Why didn't they make the screen as big as the 6080?!?

  • Anonymous

I think this phone is splendid. 30MB internal memory unlike the 6233 which has only 6MB. I would like to say thumbs up to nokia and thier creative styles and moreso, I will like to know when the nokia 6151 would be available. Thanks and God bless Nokia and it's crew.

  • sybarman

A good effort...But..Where z the front camera Nokia....??
n why no better display??( plz con'zder 176x220 or better)

  • niko

i cannot wait. i love nokia

  • Anonymous

Nokia is sure recycling its designs. This looks like 6020 and the 6080 looks like 6030.

  • Phoneguru

Not a bad handset but depends on the price, Nokia need a basic handset with these kind of features around the 100-130 price tag - the 6230i/6234 cover the 150 market. If it comes out priced over 130 it's useless, people will pay the extra 20-30 for the new 6234/6233.

  • KaMeL

New model with a good design, and bluetooth 2.0, the "new" bluetooth, I wait to try it :)

KaMeL, Team

  • nilo

this is Nokia's answer to SE's k600i.
a Step ahead with the memory card....great sophisticated design. Feature packed! a great phone. i'll inlcude this one on my wish list....hope to be available and buy it here in the Philippines really soon!

  • Anonymous

nice phone with all the needed features in an average phone