Nokia 6151

Nokia 6151

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  • jo

oscar about what phone you are talking about because this one isn't released...

  • Oscar

Hi, I need help, I copied a read only file by mistake to the main memory, and now, I canīt delete it from main memory, does any one know, How can I change file attributes or how can I delete this file

Thank you for your help

  • O.o

this one looks good... and also very good options...
anyone know anything certain about the price?
also what do you think: 6151 vs. 3250 ?


  • rama

i agree with rx in spore, in Jakarta, 6233 cost around 285 euro, the ideal price for 6151 is 210 euro, this one will compete with SE K610, cost around 250 euro.

  • Ash_manila

this is nokia's most affordable 3g phone. it has capabilities one looks for in a quality phone.

  • jt

this is number 1 in my list.. simple but classy with tons of features.. two thumbs up guys..

  • Anonymous

Another great phone from Nokia. If you loved the 6230 and want a similar phone to that, this is it. it's got everything the 6230 had, and then some. it's small light and does just about everything. you guys need to stop comparing phones that are in totally different classes. that makes no sense.

  • blq

3g phone with 128 x 160 screen and lack of front camera - is there any sence?

  • Anonymous

this is such a great phone!!!! althought the battery life are not so long...

  • Gagbag

To compete with SE!Anyways, i'm not the company who is losing millions a year because of a collection of beautifully crafted phones labelled walkman......

  • totally confused

i like this phone BUT i also like nokia 6630... so which one is better? the best feature i like is the camera.. but they both have 1.3 mp.... and which camera is better? cas 6630 has like a censor and dis one doesn't.. so which one????

  • fak yu

succesors of 6020 with same features with 6230i, huuaaa....good work nokia.

  • kelentit

a make sense feature and price, nice move nokia.

  • Arash

I think this phone will be hot un the market, everyone know that Nokia is the best phone producer now, and the cell seems good although the design is not much impersive but after all it's economy type cell so you shuldn't expect much. But as a economy type is a rich one with every thing other than 2 mega pixle camera.

  • rx

In spore nokia 6233 is sgd 568 (­l) around 282.160 euro. If this 6151 is sold with 240 euro excluded tax... Think nokia must be out of it's mind.

  • Anonymous

this may look like the 6021 but the features are way out classing the recent range of handsets! i would defo have this phone simply 'who would want to steal it from you?' and this has lots of stuff on that you wouldnt normally get on standard h/s by nokia!!! dont knock it "

  • bad news

bad news' bad phone 6151' lossing ide? dont bring this phone to jakarta'
we are wait only 6233'''''

  • bad news

(nokia6151) this phone bad'
better buy 6230i: tft 65kb colors, 128x128pixel'1,3megapixel' good sound and features' small and simple'
no need stereo speakers' if phone to expensive'
for nokia fans in asia (jakarta) buy 6233 mucht beter'
im still waiting''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

  • no one

nokia only needs BAD opinions from people.240 euros ooohh no no no ..NOWAY i will go for SE K750I what are doing nokia.make some sense of your devices..everyone can get better phones for that much money.make the price for this phone exactly or may be less 125 euros..or else i donnot see anyone going for this phone.i thought nokia is good,yes it is, but not in prices.

  • no one

we donot sh*t from nokia which costs preety expensive with no good features.they are taking advantage of their fans..