Nokia 6151

Nokia 6151

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  • razor

i guess, the price is not over euro 200 or us 215, more than that, forget it!! my deeply simpatized for lebanon people.

  • jayb

simple but gaddamn, its got it all safe wlan and video phoning

  • slk

A fantastic move fromm the leader of cell phone company.............carry on! cheers!!

  • carlos

i agree with wongso, hi wongso, i heard that now u was stay in hongkong?? im ur friend man, carlos from colombia.

  • wongso

hi harlekkin, i think, u are an insane person!! look about the price dude, this 6151 is a nice product.

  • Alireza

Well, I think this model with such full spec. could invade mostly European markets and also MidEast. The design is very simple but not attractive. This 6151 has almost everything which will be a practical handset but in low price.

  • Lasse

Hi this is Lasse Husa speaking to all you people out there. I got this phone yesterday and i love it. Ohh yeah Very nice pictures and a stunningly cute display. I love you all and have a nice day just like Lasse "the man" Husa

  • Harlekkin

@ Wongso

A bit of a silly argument, don't you think?
Why don't you go to a phone box to make a phone call instead of using a mobile phone? ...

With 3G/HSDPA available I can make video calls from my phone for the same price as a voice-call. Period. In the palm of my hand, anytime almost anywhere, not 9-6, and NOT in front of a shabby computer with MSN attached....

Not having a video-camera for video-calls makes this handset useless FOR ME. I'm not saying anyone else...simply useless for me.


  • Harlekkin


a bit dissapointing as I use video-call quite a lot. This phone doesn't seem to have a secondary camera...
Many of the recent Nokia's haven't got a secondary camera, though they are 3G and it's really not expensive to get a CIF or VGA cam integrated.


  • j-sommer

that great all the requirement in it, ohhh i really wanna it ,ahhh, the best one!

  • osh

Hmm..this phone is identical to nokia 6230i other than the reduced screen resolution and bulky outer design but with a good price tag. Worthwhile upgrade for old 6230.

  • fany

a downgrade product from 6233, its fair, it seems like modernized 6230i, but, the screen it worst than 6230i, only 128x160 pixel, why?? its cost 100euro lower than fair enough man

  • wongso

a good move from nokia! a very functionallity cellpone with simple design, u need make a video call?? just go to nearest internet cafe, theres so many webcam, visit Indonesian cellular expo until 9 july 2006.

  • Oscar

For Film

I can´t delete a file from main memory of nokia 6230, I copied trough bluetooh, when I checked the MMC card of the other phone, I realized that the file I copied had read-only attributes, I suppouse that all nokia series 40 and 60 could have same problem,. I checked the MCC file attributes on a PC.


wikked!its brilliant!

  • C4tech

May I know does it support video call? If yes, then I think can use a mirror to function as the front camera to make video call : )

  • Anonymous

yes you have, the SE k610 have the same screen size, just abit more resolution and a 2 mpx camera, but this one its way cheaper and it have EDGE and 3G combined, Li-Ion 1100 mAh battery, push to talk and stereo speakers =P

  • Dynamoo

It's an overpriced piece of junk - Nokia haven't made many bad handsets recently, but this is one of them. I don't think I've every seen a 3G phone with such a low resolution screen, and it's as ugly as sin. €240 is the quoted price, which is way too expensive for such a basic handset. Price it at €150 or less and it might make sense.

  • irena

this mobile phone already launched in europe. i saw it on my own eyes.


england will win the worl cup! for get the phones! but this phone is mint!