Nokia 6151

Nokia 6151

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  • ngura

Looks good and I do hope that it's a good phone!!! The only thing i find unacceptable, not only with this one but with almost the high end model Nokia phones, is that why does the shining metal have to be there at the edges of the keypad and screen? Can't phones be made without this or can't it be replaced by the same material used for the shell of the phone?

  • JAva

Low end phones are usually not my style... But, Ive tried it and was pleasantly pleased with its performance.
Good Reception
No Crashes
Withstands abuse gracefully
Useable speaker phone (not too loud tho)
If you want a simple, recieve/send calls phone thats reliable. Its perfect.

  • SLK 55

This phone is simiply a great beauty... hope it'll come soon.

  • Hamid Butt

Nokia need "BIG PHONE BOOKS"
MORE THEN 1000 entries
Is this 1000 entries or 1000*20?
it's look like good phone
Display is better then Nokia6230i
may be beat 6230i

  • andy v.

Looks really ugly.
Nokia style.

  • marc

It a cool cell
it has all the features in it....

  • DonAndress

Believe me I know many serious businessmen and they do use cameras in their phones. They got phones everywhere just to be in touch, even during parties. Then what? A shot :) They take pictures just for fun and send them via e-mail. That doesn't make them less serious businessmen. I agree it's not very often but still. I think the camera is quite good addition and should not be worse then 1.3mpix.

  • McLan

@DonAndress I had a 6021 before, now a E60. Personally I am very satisfied with 6021, E60 is also a good one, but battery life is quite short, only 2 days. The new 6151 looks very nice, however I don't like mobile with camera, the portable camera is very cheap now in market and much better than a mobile camera. 6 series mobiles mainly for business use, if I will use a camera, I will take it. mobile camera is useless when you indeed require a camera. : ) Battery life is more important for all nokia mobile. I alway use Nokia, never change to others.

  • sfhazc


  • DonAndress

Well the look I, personally, would consider as an advantage but the camera is not completely useless. After all it's 1.3mpix. I'd say that useless it the one in my 6020 (640x480)...

  • McLan

it looks like a 6021 with camera(useless camera)

  • kerryguru

its a cool mobile it is very easy to use and made for people ho want to use nokiamobiles

  • Anonymous

calm down dude the phone was announce in june it will surely released soon, the E50, n73,n93 are already out, this phone have a sick connectivity, it have edge 3g etc etc for a cheap price.

  • DonAndress

Anyone knows what is the exact date of releasing?
I got 6020 and this one is my next cell. I don't need anything else besides 6151 has. In my 6020 I'm just missing bluetooth (for wireless headset), mp3 ringtones and a bit better camera. I don't give a sh*t about small display y'll complaining about. Straight up, some of you said it before - cell must be cell in a first place, then all the other multimedia stuff. 6020 workes for me well so far and if Nokia wasn't releasing this thing I wouldn't change my 6020 for anything. And I like the look, not much difference from my 6020.
Peace out.

  • liam

no comment.

  • john sagitarius

what are u waiting for nokia?? why u take so long to launch this phone? are u not affrad, if this phone goin sink in the market?? euro 240 is too high. better to buy SE K618.

  • sam_cln

to me..this phone looks like 6020..siemens? since when nokia merged?? i thought its benq who've merged with siemens?

  • kalcormx

This phone is a pod! thumbs down!

  • Anonymous

donno what are u talking about, but I know that even u can see that this phone is so similar to siemens phones - the dipslay is small in overall size of phone, and the sides - they look so bulky!

  • Anonymous

Oh my gosh, this phone is Siemens like, it loks so bulky, merging with Siemens was the Nokia`s biggest mistake!