Nokia 6151

Nokia 6151

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  • Anonymous

edgar, how much did you buy your 6233, and where? thanks

  • cheryl

Hi. how come the price of the nokia 6151 is cheap in the market when it's got everything like GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Bluetooth..etc? Anything wrong with it?

  • T7

And this 6151 is a 3G phone, while 6151 isn't.
This specification is almost similar with SE K 600/608. But 6151 has slot external memory, HSCSD,EDGE and 1000 phonebook. While SE K600/608 has dual camera so you can videotelefon via 3G and flash camera.

Yes, I also miss one of my posting.

  • edgyboy

hi this is edgar from the phil. i had a nokia 6233. i love my 6233. the diff. bet. 6151 and 6233.

6151-30mb internal memory / small screen size / less pixel than 6233 / 1.3 camera

6233-6mb internal memory / Nice big / clear screen size. speaker is nice / 2 mega pixel cam

  • Retart

6151 is sam as 6131 only thing diferent is the shape 6131 is clameshell

  • Mickey

Battery!?! And only battery!
How long does it work without shutting down the phone???

  • nokiaGENIUS

this phone is the upgraded 6230i the difference is the screen 256k and bluetooth v2.0 this is 6230i upgrade great just wat i needed from nokia

  • T7

May I know what's your problem with 6233?

I think this phone has also no dual camera for video call with 3G. If you don't mind,try to look at SE K610i/m/618/V630 (they don't have radio feature and infra red) but you have 2 Mpx camera (like 6233) plus dual camera for videocall if your operator have 3G.

  • Richard

I hold 6230i & just changed to 6233 for 3 mths, after facing all those unpleasant things & problem, I decided to change my 6233. I love N73 also, but after those feedback, I'm drop...maybe get 6151(consider downgrading). One question need someone to help, since 6151 functions similar to 6230i, wonder the accending ringtone still happened?

  • toto

nice fat

  • nihad

I heard that nokia 6151 is a good phone with good battery backup & good display.My main hobby is mobile collection. I am already use nokia almost all models except some n series . Which i can buy nokia 6151.And how much it cost.Pls give me the information.iI am from kerala(trichur).All the best 4 NOKIA Family Members

  • Anonymous

nokia just changes body and interface but same funcutions and price is high.I don't see any diffrence between 6230i and 6151 excep for bigger screen

  • SP

This is the only normally designed bar phone with bluetooth and decent batterry life from Nokia today.

It says available ,
but no links?

  • mazen 11

is there a real difference between this model and the successor nokia 6230i? i don't think so..camera1.3 megapixel,fm radio,1000enteries;also the bigger sized screen adds to the phone size

  • kitoo

This mobile make me feel that i am looking to sea waves ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Nooks

How do you make a 3G video call with the camera at the back?

  • Anggi

great phone, but i don't have money to buy it.

  • Anonymous

Hello everyone, am Austine. Guys, I realy hate when some people just open thier mouth and talk just for talking sake and without reasoning. Am obssessed with nokia phones and I will rather prefer the least nokia phones to any other product. I have used over 10 nokia phones from 3310 to 6230i and I believe nokia has phones for every class base on choice and financial bouyancy (and that each nokia phone has its uniqueness). I think the 6151 is a wonderful phone. For those of U critics, why don't U go and customise the phone that will satisfy Ur taste. Thanks and God bless to Nokia and it's Crew.

  • paijo ponorogo

im wait until nokia gets launch this one, i hope ASAP. what are u waiting for noks??

  • Cruz

Improved audio quality for calls

This is mentioned in the Nokia website.

I was wondering if you really hear the difference between other Nokia's. I got the N6111 which has got really bad en low audio quality for calls. Sometimes when i'm calling in a noisy street I've to put my N6111 on the speaker.

My old N8310 has got a very excellent sound quality!! I hope this New 6151 will have this too!!