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Nokia 6151

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  • Vladimir

6233 - 500 telephone entries (contacts)
6151 - 1000 telephone entries (contacts)

That's the 'problem' with 6233, which is IMO
better in any case.

  • pranav kundra

hello everybody , which phone is better is it 6151or 6233 bcoz both the phones are very good in featute and design,6151has 1.3megapixel camera and 6233 has 2.0megapixel camera in sound wise 6233 is the best 6151 is not so great in sound. most of the things are same in feature except that 6233 has a great 262K tft display which is known to be brighter than 6151. 6233 does'nt have USB PORT and 6151 has 2.0 USB PORT. the sterio speakers of 6233 beat 3250 the camera of 6151is little better than 6233.but if anybody wants to buy a phone which is not costly and has 3G broadband then go for 6151 but if anybody want a high class phone which has 3G broadband also but in a simple shape then choose 6233.

  • x-pert

see 9300i, same battery and 8hrs talk time.

Must be high power consumption battery. :(

  • x-pert

one thing i really don't understand is why the talk time is only 4.5 hours with a whopping 1100mah battery... FUNNY!! I am using 6230 and has 3 hours even my phone is 2 1/2 years old. I think Nokia uses old chip for 6151. I won't buy it and will rate it below 5 for the design.


  • Forhad

hello everybody,
i need a help on nokia6151.recently i bought one.unfortunately the power button is displaced inside on very first day.can anybody tell me how to open the casing without violating the warenty, so thet i can place the power button.please mail me to will be greatfull to you.please brother the favour.

  • vickey

i purchaese this h/set 2 month back in 2 month its battery leaked display also damage automatically never seen the product like this from nokia so plz do not buy this h/set as nt upto nokia standard

  • Ananda

I am using this. A nice phone, good camera. Best thing is Sterio Speakers sounds almost 3520. Its has Video Caller tunes.

  • Vladimir

Can someone please check this:

MENU->Settings->Configuration->Personal Configuration Settings->Add New

-Multimedia messages
-Push to talk
-Access point

Where is E-mail ?

My Nokia 6151 does not have email!

  • Butterfly

nice features, most especially 3G. But why is 6230i regarded as Business phone and 6151 is not. cud it has anything to do with e-mail and chat features that 6230i has which i'm not sure 6151 has?

  • jewelberry

hi may i know how BIG the font of 6151? is it like 6600 font or can it be bigger


  • Anonymous

i like this phone very because it as all the option. like camnere with 10.3MP and it look like 6020.The additional is it has memeory card slot.But i want to Know about the rate for this.can anyone sugget best sites for nokia mobile rates,

  • Anonymous

can u change the cover???

  • Anonymous

nokia is not true with their warranty services.

  • this is @DT

6230i has better design == but 6230i has no stereo speakers or bluetooth v2.0 6230i has v.1.2 and == 6151 has 256k screen 6230i has 65k screen ==== i think 6230i wins in design but 6151 wins in features == if u r going to buy 1 out of the 2 buy the Nokia 6151

  • Player

The functions and features of this phone is nice but the screen size and resolution is not so good. This phone just like the motorola L6. good design but lose out in its screen size and display. The screen size of this phone is 128x160 pixels, 29x35mm, which make the screen not balance with its whole body. The keypad takes up a bigger portion than the screen. Since it has 256k colors TFT display. Nokia should make a bigger resolution for the screen. like 176x208 or 240x320 pixels.

  • nokia genius

am this fone is combination with 6233 and 6230i good combination i say i own a 6233 u cant recieve anything bigger then 6MB becuse of built in memory == this fone solves the problem 32MB bulit in == thtz y im plaaning to buy this aswell as 6233

  • Migs

I was surprised to see this unit coz it looks like my 6233 (which i have only been using for 1 month). so i made a comparison between the 6151 and 6233 posted on my blog.

  • Ion

I love this phone! It has the 6020 design with 6230i specs. and thensome.Where can I see more pictures?

  • van

dam! cool it d'best! try dis cp..

  • hwars

How about stereo speaker compare to 6233? Is it the same? Coz I heard 6233 speaker is very good.. about the shape, I think this one is better than 6233..