Nokia 6210 Navigator

Nokia 6210 Navigator

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  • Anonymous

Fiza, 25 Jun 2009hi there, I am having a problem with my key pad the numbers 4,5... moreHihave aproblem touchpad 0isnotworking

  • kaypouds

i think this phone is a very nice phone just that 3g network turns on any how please how do i turn it off

  • Emma9ky

michael, 19 Aug 2013this cp is so cool..i have intalled already wechat,viper,whatsap... moreI somuch like this phone but i cn't download facebook... I need help

  • Prabasan

My navigator's network ic is not working rather than that everyting is working can I change it

  • Raza Shah

Oh sorry gsmarena. It has xenon flash instead of LED..

  • Mayweather

Martin, 23 Jan 2016I got the phone but im not sure where to charge the phone does i... moreHow can i update my phone

  • Mayweather

How can i update my phone becouse i download real football 2008hd if i want to install it. It will write update error. how can install it that will work

  • Martin

I got the phone but im not sure where to charge the phone does it use the charger that looks the same as the blackberry charger or does it use the old pin charger? And if it is the bb charger i charged it over nite but it still doesnt want to come on what do i do

  • chissyb

AnonD-302182, 06 Apr 2015I use this phone for listening music. I inserted a MicroSD card ... moreIts a nice phone someone sent it to me as a gift from switszerland.I used it only for a month then it was stolen. About three months later i traced it but the one who stole it did'nt know how to use it so it came back damaged. I badly need it. i know there are smart phones which are quiet latest but i fell in love with this phone. Any idea where i can but it?

  • AnonD-302182

I use this phone for listening music. I inserted a MicroSD card with 16 GB Memory and work perfectly. You say in the specs max 8 GB. Is not true is maximum 16 GB;)


does it search for [ WAP ]

  • AnonD-325240

dominion, 22 Jul 2013when i try to install an app like whatsapp the tell me certific... moreTry this type the *#0000# to get the date of the Version of software.

Then change the date of your phone to that date approx a month past the date. then install Whatsapp again it should work.

It worked for me.

  • Mannado roni

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2014just change de battery and it wil be okDoes it has a video call and video edit ?

  • Anonymous

samanthea, 23 May 2013Hi My nokia 6210 shows my sim card is not registered?just change de battery and it wil be ok

  • lock code

lock code navigator

  • pradeep

i want 6210 navigator mobile strip

  • sigantengkalem

yes it support whatsapp

  • AnonD-204591

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2013Very good phone. Kindly help me,my phone has been on OFFLINE mod... moreSell it or slam it to the wall

  • mak

is nokia 6210 navigator supports whatsapp or upgradable???

  • hamees nassoro

how can download twitter on my nokia 6210