Nokia 6210 Navigator

Nokia 6210 Navigator

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  • Cat

Nokia are on the right track with this phone,colour options are good.Not everybody wants a black handset,if it has got 5MP cam it will go over well in sales. 6110nav is popular but better camera would have helped.

  • agsp687

Personally, I think the design of the phone is quite sleek.. Especially in black, it does make the phone looks cool.. As for the functions, I think Nokia is unrivalled and I hope it continues so.. =)

  • The_Guru

If only it wasn't a bloody slide.

  • Anonymous

this phone looks good specification wise but design .........................thats a whole nother story. why couldn't it not have a steel finish like its predecessor 6110

  • Anonymous

Is it just me or does this phone look a lot worse (designwise) than the 6110?

  • r.0.c.k.


the reas0n y u d0nt have this ph0ne right n0w is cuz......... IT HASNT BEEN RELEASED YET!!!!!


  • Frank

Pitty about the talk time thought would of expected something a little better. Packed with features which is cool but does anyone else think it looks cheap?

  • Anh

i dont have this phone because i cant afford it...hahaha

  • creator

me and my team built this phone frm the ground up the stats are a little off this phone will be released with wifi.. also the camera is 5 mp not 3.15 and has a 8 g hard drive...

  • Bren

Very Nice, Looks Nicer Than 6110 Navigator I Have. Probably Gonna Get This:D. Can't Wait.

  • sunny singhi

NOKIA lost it !!! so soon

  • Nav

The phone should be released before the summer holiday's for people who will be traveling abroad and are in need of navigation with voice. I hope it will be released before july!

  • sidneylopsides

Features wise it's almost exactly the same as the W760i, even looks very similar, the only real difference is S60.

  • ChinNgee

tis wan de design better thn he come out..

  • sameer

a nononsense phone, only wifi is missing and also 30fps vga video recording, but a hell of a design, love it

  • ankur

good phone