Nokia 6210 Navigator

Nokia 6210 Navigator

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  • adam

no wifi too???!!!!

  • adam

seems like a great phone, but why only 64 mb ram??? and only 900 mA battery? if it had more ram and betery life it would have been a best seller,,,,,

  • lonestar

i think is very ugly phone.

  • Anonymous

ahhh..... a 3.2 mega pic camra
and no shutter protection arrrrrrr !!!
least the 6110 had a shutter


this is the phone i am waiting for. best phone ever. its have everything a modern user wants. its like all in 1. the one.

  • Anonymous

no! wifi!!!

  • sAJI

this is expensive phone and its really really slow n73 is little better ............

  • nick

What's the point? Almost same as 6110, save for better camera

  • princeah

Just wana ask u about this navigator that this have a batter and good sound then the old navigator. plz do tell me if anyone is useing this new navigator. Waitting .

  • Jason

apparently it does have WIFI....thats why im holding out...if i can wait this long

  • Anonymous

oh look what a crappy 64mb sdram with only 3.2mpix and its gonna be expensive for sure

  • Anonymous

its not true that some have said many people dont like this phone this is a better version of the navigator its better than the previously released navigator by nokia and i like the keypad nothing wrong with it yes its like the keypad in the 6500 slider but it have been really cool in that phone so it better be great in this phone also ...

  • wii

THis phone have GPS but why no build in WIFI

  • mohd ilyas

its a good phone.
& better navigater

  • Nokison

Another blunder by Nokia (or maybe not considering there are sheep among us). The buttons on this thing look like the 6500. Absolute rubbush. If you like it, cool, but I don't and niether do many of the people I talk to. Buttons are how you interact with the phone, and in my opinion, one of, if not, the most important part of a phone. And these new nokia phones consintrate on "sleek" looking design instead of practial and then building the "sleek" look on top of that. Also Nokia phones have some serious bugs. I have a Nokia, and I love there features, but the phones just ain't made to last, and are more difficult to use (thanks to the design). Also, I sell these things, so I do know a lot about the problems nokias have.

  • Dani

SE W760i Copied by Nokia...


  • Lupus Vir

I had a chance to play with the 6110 navigator and that was amazing.. with these slight adjustments made this phone should be well decent. look forward to being able to have a mess with one and may also concider buying one in the future.

  • Steve J

What type of GPS receiver is installed. Is it a SiRF Star III or the same one they placed in the N95 8GB??

  • luis

This phone seems so nice and is more advanced than 6110. The camera is 3.2mp with autofocus so I think itīll take very good pictures. GSM arena team forgot to include in the camera specifications the autofocus feature.
To the guy that was talking about this as a copy of w760 let me tell you that this 6210 isnīt near as crap as the w760. Iīm sure thisīll be better because S60 and better camera. Nokia keep it rocking!!

  • Anonymous

it looks like SE W760!!!... ahehe poor nokia... i think u deserve the photocopier award...