Nokia 6220 classic

Nokia 6220 classic

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  • Anonymous

Has anyone used this 6220 classic and N82? How does the camera quality compare to the N82?

  • feeltch

when will come review of this phone. it's out allready

  • Anonymous

available on the 3g network in australia

  • giantz

this phone is not bad, but the build is quite weak, looks solid online, but the actual thing creaks when u hold too tightly, moreover the keypad is horrible, very uncomfortable, espcially after u put protective cover over it. morever the usr interface is much much slower than e51 or 6120. Will not recommend if u are someone who sms a lot or needs a fast phone. wil reommend e51 or n82. the camera not that fantastic anyway

  • erye

iyuchan, 10 Jul 2008to erye, you said you've just bought the 6220c few weeks ago.... moreto iyuchan
small correction: I didnt buy it few weeks ago, but just last weekend. I havent installed game or software yet, just 'Calcium' and its running ok. The GPS is not running as good as in N95 which I had before. When i started the 'drive to' mode, only works a few minutes then hang. Maybe that because of trial version. As I pointed out, the problem is hard keypad, especially the right-left shortcut botton and some number key. The Nokia guy who has the same problem with his N78 said it will be softer after a while. Well, 6220c has 3.5G, 5mp camera with xenon, 90gr weight, simple candy bar, but no wifi. Typing SMS with a 129 gr sliding-N95 can be inconvenient. There's no perfect phone. They can make it, but don't want to. If sliding is okay with you, better go for the black N95. Coz its still the best phone. I dont know why peoples gave high score to N82 (with such a keypad)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2008gotta agree with toekoel. would love to see a preview of this ph... morethat review shows photos showing from the side of 6220c and you can easily see under the keypad thats not good

  • cc

Planning to buy it, the screen is not so big so i am afraid that the letters are too small to read confortably. Is it a problem like for 6120 ?

  • Rizon50

You can use ngage on the 6220c i tried it,it works perfectly full screen

  • Mr C - Manchester

I have had this phone for 1 week now on O2 and i must say it's brilliant, the speed going through the menu's is miles better than previous nokia's (N73, N95) - the camera is absolutely brilliant, i have taken and printed photos which have turned out to be superb and are going to be framed so anyone questioning the quality of the pictures doesnt know what they are talking about or havent bothered to have a little read of instructions or actually explore the camera menu, if they want better pictures than this then buy a true digital camera. one gripe is the auto-flash doesnt come on when you need it. Lightweight, Packed with features, Shutter for camera, Xenon flash, a brilliant glowing light around the scroll key which indicates when you have missed calls/recieved texts handy if you need sound down as i do in my job. i have had an LG Secret and Samsung Soul for a week until i decided to send them back and went for this, thankfully i did, Secret and Soul are both very very good but this is just better in every way, keypad is easy to use, battery life seems good and i do use it a lot every day, the delete or "C" key is quite small so during texts you can hit it and it gets saved as a draft, besides that a very good phone. If you're looking for a phone to hold and show people down the pub then go for the LG Secret, if you want best features possible in a bar-handset then this has it all, highly recommended.

  • iolo003

this is an N82 without a wifi..

with better keypad, better design, more stylish, a faster processor and a cheaper price c",

if wifi is not an issue for you, get this phone instead

  • Anonymous

hey i have nokia n81. i also like nokia 6220 classic. Is better that i sell off n81 and buy nokia 6220 or should i keep the same phone?

  • Jon

another comprehensive review for the 6220c. By­ic_internal_conflict/introduction.html

Quite worried about the quality of the camera and I am now further apprehensive about those comments suggesting that the camera is lifted directly from th N82. Anyone with a 6220c care to prove me wrong?

  • Leu

6220 is the best model ;)

  • dra3b

If not for the abscent WiFi, this would have been the best Nokia phone.
I still prefer the N82, even that it can't stand still on any surface for the Camera auto-timer.

  • Anonymous

To any users.

I want this phone or the N82. The reason this on a little more is because it has US 3G. But I am afraid the camera is not going to be as good as the N82.

Is there any users of this phone that has used the camera?

Has anyone used both to actually compare pic quality?

  • SB

The 6220 Classic is going to be available on 3 in the UK on both PAYG and Pay Monthly for all you UK users interested in it :) I'll be getting it for sure. Shame it doesn't have Wi-Fi as well but that would just be a bonus and I'm not bothered about Wi-Fi really :P is the camera excellent then?

  • iyuchan

erye, 07 Jul 2008bought in jakarta last weekend. like the weight of it. one big p... moreto erye,

you said you've just bought the 6220c few weeks ago..are u able to install softwares or games into it?
Im thinking of getting it, but after reading some mixed comments on the forum bout the phone, i have doubts=(( some people said it's a really good fone, but some people said it's not a good fone at all. I know that the build quality isnt that good but as long as the features are terrific, i wouldnt mind to get the fone.
As you are currently one of 6220c users, would you be able to tell me whether i should get this phone or N95 8GB?
Your advice would be greatly appreciated..=)

  • Anonymous

alis, 10 Jul 2008plzz hellp meeeeeeeee i want to buy n81 and 6220 which one will ... more6220 you wont regret rather than n 81.

  • alis

plzz hellp meeeeeeeee i want to buy n81 and 6220 which one will be better . is 6220 will be failure in future???? plzzzz answer me HIGHLY APRECIATED

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2008brought this phone today from the carphone warehouse, i have to ... morehow does the camera quality compare to the N82?