Nokia 6220 classic

Nokia 6220 classic

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  • Haja

i use nearly 3 is using the auto focus menu in my mobile and what is purpose. please explain me..

  • oshangodi

best fone

  • perera

hi,im planing to buy this phone, i have 800 contacts and there are about 1200 numbers in them and i use loads of reminders. is it good for that?

  • zaid

fatynrozel, 01 Mar 2010i have a problem.I am browsing internet through my nokia 6220c, ... moreyour set needs a hard reset *#7370# try it,
when I had this i also faced the same problem several times ;)

btw this set is the worst one by nokia.Xcept camera no real good features cheap body eww ugly looking set like mobiles made in china

  • Rix

I've only just bought this phone and my daughter sent me a pic of new born son. How can I save this pic so I can use it as wallpaper?

  • fatynrozel

i have a problem.I am browsing internet through my nokia 6220c, after that I cant deliver my message. It still pending in the outbox.. but I can sent my MMS. I had sent it to the service centre. and they ask me to format back my phone.but nothing change.I still cant send my message. anybody have idea to help me.

  • jerome

ravi, what the heck are you talking about? can you speak ibanag?


ahave the phone i think itis agood phone the camara is good and every thing

  • manuel

Update: an advice for taking photos in low light w 6220: while the auto setting elsewhere, it increases ISO up to 800 for no good reason in low light, resulting in bad photos (too much noise). Go to camera menu "scene modes"-> "user defined" -> "change light sensitivity": choose low for iso100 locked (medium for iso400 locked). leave the rest as it is. then use this profile to make (Way) better pictures in low light, at least in the Flash range (5m).

  • jotto

waqas khan, 24 Feb 2010hey all , can we use this phone as a webcam. coz i am looking fo... moreYou need software Mobiola Web Camera (v. 3.0.19)

  • ravi

sir video calling kese hota he ?

  • manuel

great phone but bad build quality (the back of the phone moves a bit, bad keypad). to remove the sound for camera search for mute-camera.sis file on no need to hack anything just to sign the application on the phone (many tutorials there)and then restart the phone. noka 3120? (2mp camera, no gps, no symbian, no xenon) different phone/price target, no compare. xenon flash is good, camera protection perfect, but video is I think 320x240 scaled to 640x480. my nokia 6280 does a better job (if only @15fps). in all a good phone; if you decide to buy it new, kinda pricey.

  • Anonymous

I can't understand why are the voting results on this handset so high compared with those of 3120. Personally, I think the 3120 model is much usable, compact and super performer. Any answers.galo.

  • waqas khan

hey all , can we use this phone as a webcam. coz i am looking for that ,,,, if some1 knows about that then kindly tell me the name of that app.

  • sarfaraz khan

sir i have the same phone but i want to change the body of that phone and i also want it in white colour so i juz wanted to knw that is it a white colour body available n for how much price plzz mention it ok

  • DSK


I think it isnt possible to have an animated background.
I couldnt do it too.

  • Subrata

Plz help...!!! Is it possible to set any animated picture (or gif file) as wallpaper to this phone? If yes, then how???

  • Subrata

ian c, 21 Feb 2010does the 6220 have a voice recorder?Yes

  • adi

How about the sound? is the loud speaker good enough?

  • Frenki

tata, 09 Feb 20106220 keypad very bad. you need to charge everyday. if you budg... moreYou don`t have to recharge battery every day. Just close all application. Push the button between call and keypad lock for 2 or 3 second and you will see what application are opened.