Nokia 6220 classic

Nokia 6220 classic

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  • Irfan

Please vote for n-gage for 6220 classic here­ions/93414-n-gage-for-6220c-

  • Anonymous

Redha Hari, 23 Feb 2008Woah, hope its cheap, like 6120c, but i doubt that it will be as... moreN-gage is not bound with N series

  • Anonymous

No ngage compatibility

  • dk

good phone very good, its really a great experience to use this phone, i bought this phone from hotspot, camera of this phone is really good, i am enjoying this phone

  • abdellatif dannoune

i got this phone about 3 days ago because i wanted a camera phone to add tomy collection i had it about 1 hour and the back cover was broken so i got i new one from the store and a couple of days later the front faceing camera was out odf service and now i returned it to the store and i had to w8 for like 5 weeks it feels very cheep and it also feels like it's held together by ducktape becuz not all the latchess are conected properly

  • Bunty McSprocket

Helloooooo there, ock aye...oooooo aye

I have a 6220 in proud yellow and nothing beats it for battery life when i'm up in the highland's, kilted up, swinging my boom.

as far as malfunctioning keypads go - no problems whatsoever, well a few keys fell of and 3 buttons don't work anymore but apart from that. faultess.

...i malfunctioned over some girls face last night, boooyah!

  • Salman Mirza

sana, 26 Jun 2009i have 6220 c ,its camera is really gud no doubt its really look... morehii sana u said in ur comments tht this is really nice mobile as compare to price its cheap...m asking u because i wana but this cell this really good and have a good features in this mobile kindly reply me...m from karachi 23age Salman Mirza...waiting 4 ur reply?

  • Zohaib

hey every one..I m planing to buy this handset can any1 temme abt its camera clarity n its sound..nd i heard that its keypads r malfunctioning wat kind of malfunction it is..

  • Anonymous

RAINQUEEN, 20 Jun 2009I'm really dissapointed about your comment on this phone,cos I'm... morebuy N82 instead. you won't be dissapointed.. after I studied the specs & reviews, I conclude this phone is a cheap imitation of it.

  • Anonymous

Jyde ma wa lo ri line ni 15mins...

  • Khurshid

I bought this 6220c phone and it seems to be very good in all respect.only the ear phone cord is back dated means round shape instead of long shape (latest) which is very easy to use without any harm also observed in its user guide that all options and applications are not guided in details like how to active its light sensor ? not guided anywhere. does it blinks any time ? can anybody answer this ? tks.

  • rosh

the camera is not that good... it does not give a 5mega pixel clarity and it also makes an annoying sound while clicking pics which cannot be put off...quite an ok phone

  • Mat Banbury

RAINQUEEN, 20 Jun 2009I'm really dissapointed about your comment on this phone,cos I'm... moreDont do it RAINQUEEN!!!!!

When I got this phone I was upset within a few days. It is now falling to bits and I am not a heavy user.

I would recommend the Nokia 3330. It a lovely old phone and does almost everything you would need. If only it had a camera, video, 3g, java games, bluetooth, fm radio, sd card slot, symbian o/s. It would be my perfect phone.

Luv n Hugs,
Mat Banbury

  • javed

it is nice mobile

i cant say anything about that.

  • Sam

No doubt it is slightly expensive but i must say its awsum.
Its really gud and simple

  • retarded

i have a 6220c and i regret on buying it,it looks elegant but trust me,when you use it,you wish to exchange it for 6300,it's camera is amazing but the red eye reduction doesn't always work,,SE K800i beats 6220c in resolution and in camera

  • sana

i have 6220 c ,its camera is really gud no doubt its really looks cheaper than it costs and its 3 buttons got cracked and now its resaling price is too low :( , its 3rd time that a nokia phone is disoppointing me..5310 then supernova n now 6220 c,

  • peter

i have this phone for 6 months.i will tell my opinion. 1) camera is fantastic 2)battery does not last more than 2 days 3)it seems and feels very "plastic" and it looks cheaper than it costs 4)the symbian is very slow!

  • krishna

hi i am having 6220 c i just bought in jan 2009 its king in camera of 5mp section due to its xenon flash i think no phone in its class or brand can give that clarity coming to music it gives an excellent clarity by using headphone or ear phone only seeing overall performance its very very good its a one way digi cam so enjoy

  • Ronan

I had the classic and two wks after I got it used to go online wiothout me being on the net.Got the software upgraded as they said the other was corrupt.Same thing happened 2 days later.I was told first of all that it was me not the phone ??Hello