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Nokia 6230

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  • me

Unoriginal or whatever. What's the difference. If your Nokia explodes you won't care why. This is happening to Nokia and no one else. So why take that chance with a Nokia phone -you will never know if it is a phony battery as China can make any product look like an original. The fact is that Nokia has the problem and no one else.

  • Tylup

6230 will available in Europe on week 14/15.

OT: Every time, when a Nokia phone has exploded, it was because of not original battery.

These "illegal" batteries have been manufactured in China, Taiwan and Korea.

  • ?

I have to say. Ever since that story came out about the Nokia phones exploding people's pockets and hands in Europe, I would not consider buying a Nokia. Why take the chance? You can lose your face or your thing in your underwear because you wanted a Nokia.
I do not think Finland knows electronics. Japan, China, Korea know electronics not Eastern Europe. This is why their phones explode.


se k700 is the best phone ever. it is smaller than t610. it has an mp3 player,a dynamic 32mb internal memory,a powerful camera with 4x zoom,3d games and java,fm radio,themes,bluetooth and 65k colorscreen all packed on this small cute phone. what can you say nokia?

  • Nick

I wanted to buy this phone cause I thought it was a great phone, until I heard of the SE K700. This phone has almost the same features but his BIG advantage is the 25% larger screen. So what it has no MMC card in it, no problem for me, I do not intend to use it for MP3's. And another B-I-G advantage is the price. The nokia 6230 will cost around 390-400 euro's when it's released but..... the SE k700 will "only" cost around 300 euro's, so you will save about 100 euro's --> that's enough to buy a MP3 player ;-)
I'll go for the SE k700 because it just overrules the N6230

  • me

Hey ... I want to buy this phone ? How can I ... Somewone told me that this phone is a very good one ... Could you tell me what is the price of this phone in Germany?

  • boraq

whats the point of all the crap on the SE phone who needs it,it uses SE memory sticks which are useless unless you use heaps of SE stuff but technology is all about compatibility,MNC CARDS are the answer a lot more people use them don't they and battery life I have a T610 not a bad phone but wheres the batery and memory

  • Dutch Delight

I want the 6230 and I want it NOW!!!!!!!!!

  • Klaas

"the 6230 is better, i was little bit interested with k700 but after i consider the features wasn't as good as 6230.and think about the high cost to buy SE"

And why is the 6230 than the K700 ????
You don't know about the price from the K700 rumors is that the K700 will cost about 380,- i'm not sure.

To David,your are abseluut richt about that.

  • BKK

How much for this mobile Nokia 6230?
I can not see this Model at THAILAND.
When will be this model launching at Bangkok?

  • Calvin Chang

Who can tell me when this Nokia 6230 will be available at Malaysia. And what it price?

  • Anonymous

the 6230 is better, i was little bit interested with k700 but after i consider the features wasn't as good as 6230.and think about the high cost to buy SE...

  • Anonymous

please kindly let me now when it will be in indian market

  • Anonymous

Here in Thailand still not available. I've been told end of march, price 18900 baht (=400 euros)


can u please inform when will this model will be launched. i want one & i am waiting 4om last year.

  • coff

Can you please tell me when the Nokia 6230 is due for release in Sydney,Australia.An exact date would be great!cheers

  • raju trivedi

from very long time i am waiting for this phone but i think it has not come to india . please kindly let me now when it will be in indian market

  • Finnished

David, dear David. Have you EVER heard of scientific and impartial judgement of things? You list things and obviously look everything through SE coloured glasses. Like many though, even Nokia fans.

Let's see few thing in your list:

Screen. SE wins (I agree)
40 voice midi. SE wins (what's the point with MP3 ringtones, well SE doesnt have that though, BIG -)
Cheaper. SE wins (really? you must be CEO of SE to know the price. Usually SE is SExpensive)
Platform. SE wins (matter of taste)
Interface. SE wins (matter of taste)
Radio. SE and Nokia wins (I agree)
Intern memory. SE wins (6230 comes with 32 mb MMC, where do you need this?)
Externe memory.Nokia wins (look above)
Videoplayer. SE and Nokia wins (have u used both)
MP3 player. SE and Nokia wins (Nokia wins hands down, you cant get more than a couple of songs into SE)
Inbeuild camera VGA. SE and Nokia wins (have u used both)
Quality MP3 player.SE wins (come on!)
Quality Video player.SE wins (come on!)
Theme's. SE wins (come on!)
Build quality. SE wins (have u used both)

  • CUBE

Not to forget...Listening to MP3 songs via bluetooth??? = stupid = gonna hurt the battery pack life. On your bluetooth to try out surfing the net via PDA, etc etc... Your phone will NOT last more than 2 hours. not to mention MP3 songs... I had a HP2210 and tried out bluetooth. High power consuming. If u know what is bluejacking, u would understand the rate of draining your battery life.^^


  • CUBE

Lastly to add one more point. What's the use of a big screen with TFT 65K colour? To see more things? Sure. I agree that most ppl like that. But reconsider that it will also eat into that small energy brick behind the phone and it will drain out your battery life faster. What's the point of holding a phone where the battery's life is not "friendly" enough to suit your lifestyle on the move. Charging your phone everyday? Buy and bring extra batt out where ever u go? Get a life! Although the screen for Nokia is small, it is at a reasonable and legible size. I believe that the battery life for Nokia will not disappoint the fans.^^