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Nokia 6230

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  • lahab 6230

very nice phone but when i open music player it tell me that no music files however i have them on memory card . plzzz anyone tell me what i do ???????????

  • AMedina (Colombia)

It's a great phone, easy to handle. It has everything you need to live in a city, works excellent with a 1 Gb MMC card (for many, many songs)good pictures at night and it works after getting wet! Bluetooth and infrarred is excellent for downloading pictures easy and fast. You can download pictures with a card reader, no need of USB cable. It beats many other brands. I strongly recomend it.

  • andrew

What happens if i put a BL-4 battery instead of BL-5 in the nokia 6230?Does it harm it?

  • Abner Furtado

can ne 1 pls tell me if the phone nokia 6230 supports LIVE STREAMING....i am from india n using Airtel Gprs....can u guys pls also tell me if the phone has MULTIPLE CHANNEL for gprs.....

Thank you.


  • Original_Jamaican

To Shuvro, mine also resets the time and date whenever the battery is taken out. To my calculation, it resets if the battery is out for more than 5 five seconds. Shockingly though I came across someone who's time and date stays intact no matter how long the battery is out. He said he got his from England. Mine is from the UK also so I just don't know why mine isn't like his.

  • Shuvro

the irritating thing abt the set is when u take off the battery the system of the set got reset so as the time and date. such a high standard set got this stupid disadvantage, amazing tho!!!

other than that it's also a superb one :)

  • Stephen

Hey everyone, I'm curious... Can this Nokia 6230 support Java 2? and how can I do update, will anyone please help?


  • luis

The NOKIA 6230 rocks, it has everything I need, but I have a question. Can someone tell me if I can update the software of my phone. Actually I have software v05.35

  • ali

i want to save my sms on memory card in this phone.can i do it?i think i cant.because dont dipict on this i right?
if any one know plz help me and conect with my email addres.

  • Anonymous

i think phone is superb and i wld love to hold on to it and really update and turn it into ass bad fone

  • Original_Jamaican

Ok, this EXCELLENT Nokia 6230 phone has been out for over 2 years now and it's still ONE of THE BEST PHONES TO DATE. Which firmware would you say is the BEST from day one to now ? I ask this question because I had a 6230, parted with it and got back another one. The one I have now has FW 4.44 so I'm going to flash it with a later firmware. I'm wondering which FW would be the best to flash it with. My previous firmware was 5.24 and the camera took very good photos, I have heard that some the later ones, example 5.40 doesn't produce great photos like 5.24. Camera photo quality is of HIGH PRIORITY to me. I was thinking of upgrading to the very latest 5.50. Does 5.50 produces better photos than the previous ones ? Can anyone tell me if 5.50 is a good upgrade overall ? Which FIRMWARE do you ALL consider to be NOKIA 6230's BEST ?

  • DJYT

nice phone but how i update it ??


its all about style, OHHHHHH YE

  • rssil

Just got the phone a few days back, had a couple of motorola's earlier. Love this one. Nokia is the best.

  • Richard

Hi, great phone, but how do I activate MMS, at the moment everything gets saved to outbox but goes no where, please help.

  • Max

Heeeeeeelp needed....please help :)
i have a 6230 and a jost receaved a mmc.... i have all my mp3songs on it but i can`t play them with the mpl3player, because the phone whon`t let me chose wherefrom he should play the songs....what can i do??? a software upgrade would help??? please help me

  • unknown

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  • Anonymous

dis fone is da shizzle

  • Original_Jamaican

To NIKKI in Jamaica.

In regards to your problem it could be a simple matter where your headset is not switched on. You need to fill me in letting me know the steps you have taken so far in trying to get your headset and phone to work together, then I will further be able to assit you. Take care.

P.S. I'm in Jamaica too. Kingston.

  • Nikki

Hi ppl. I'm writing from the island of Jamaica and I received my Nokia 6230 in January and since then I'v been tryin 2 find out how 2 pair the bluetooth earpiece wit my handst. Can any1 giv some instructions? Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!