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Nokia 6230

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  • Arne

Ok I've been using this phone for about a year now, I can only see one major downside:

Sound quality is not all that good in situations with lots of ambient nois. Especially when outside, it can be hard to understand what the other person is saying. You can crank up the volume all you want, but it wont make a difference. It will only blast out more metallic crakling noise that easily gets overruled by surrounding noises. However, the handsfree function DOES work great, I'm using it quite a bit. So on the loudspeaker with not too much ambient sound, the phone sound quality is pretty decent. However for making phone calls in noisy surroundings, it sucks. In normal surroundings, conversation sound quality is so-so. Music/radio sound quality on the other hand is (both on stereo phones and mono speaker) is splendid. Small other downside is, you cant connect your own headphone.

  • SoOdY69er

I got this phone a month ago ... i haven't seen a phone like it the phisical enhancements are great and also it is asthetically pleasing at the same time .. see some1 with this phone and you should respect them . My advice too you would be if you think you have style and looks then get yo moneyz and go and buy one of these trust me fellow HoMiEs believe a Bloodz when he is telling you. This phone is for the GaNgStAs

  • hamid reza ahmadpour

nokia 6230 has very good features and beautiful but it is expensive .

  • hamatosha

i'm thinking of getting this phone over sony ericsson's k700i, any advice? and another technical question: can this phone handle an MMC card larger thatn 128 MB? such as 265 MB to 1 GB, for storing more mp3 files.. or it cant? help....plz

  • Spicebox

To Nuno,
Use the Search-Opinions button (in this page) with keyword K700 to get tons of related and repeated info.

  • Paniol

Nokia 6230 is really good ang promising.. it's compact and fairly priced for all its capabilities/features.. you may find it confusing to use its navi-key, but you'll easily get used to it.. hehehe.. just make sure that the firmware version is 4.x (i read somewhere that the latest is 4.4 -- to check: press *#0000#). i bought mine 6 months ago, FW ver is 3.15, it's more like a microsoft product, it always restarts, worse, it hangs.. sometimes you have to put the batery out so you could restart the fone (after bluetooth pairing with PC). after upgrading my firmware (in a Nokia Center), it works fine and imaging is better... so far.. night mode is still very slow though..

  • Nuno

Can any1 tell me which one is best in ur opinion.. nokia 6230 or SE K700i

  • Gal's good..i like tis radio sum more...even 7610 oso dun hav radiao...babe..i like it.. only tat the video is not reali tat clear..mayb the pixels is not enough...yeah..Nokia shall think bout to change thier design..dun owes look like the same....

  • jolin

good features.. but why does it look like that??? nokia doesnt really have a taste in good looks.its best if this phone has the looks of a samsung phone.

  • jay

this phone is cool with reasonable price.

  • paul thompson

i purchased my 6230 on tmobile contract a few month ago and found it to be the best nokia i have had to date this will be the sixth nokia phone in 10 years most impressed with perfomance and menus also put bigger card 256mb lots of photos and video clips

  • the-riffmaster

Er.. I think that the Sharp GX20 and Sharp GX25 have better VGA cameras than the K700i.

  • the-riffmaster

I got this fone yesterday and I really like it. Obviously that's only my opinion and others should feel free to disagree, but for me its great. It has a few weaknesses such as the screen, which is too small and not sharp enough for the photos it takes; and that wierd five-button nav key (will I ever get the hang of it). If it had a screen like the k700i it would be an absolutely brilliant fone. The pictures I have taken with this fone look good on my computer, but the screen on the fone can make them look worse than they are. Also I was disappointed that, for the money it costs, it doesn't have a camera light (and 'night mode' is sloooow).
However everything else is great. The mp3 player is great and the video player is good. The connectivity is brilliant with both infra-red and bluetooth on the fone.
Verdict: A great mobile with just the screen as its only significant weakness.

  • Anonymous


You have notich that the K700i has the best VGA cam from all brands?

  • Anonymous

Guys, i find difficulties in open the back(battery) cover of the 6230. do u have any clues to open it?i have tried for several hours on it....

  • SpiceBox

Cantbe, thanks, it works!, but will be much more well organized if the coming firmware can recognize mmc folder.

  • cantbe

for SPICE BOX ...
you have to put your mp3s on the card but not in a folder....just put it on the card...NU FOLDER !!!! amd the music player will recognize the mp3s

  • rose

pls i will like to buy ur items and if u are interested pls mail me to my id

  • Rambo Malaysia

Using this firmware i noticed the sound and the picture taken by the phone are a bit better.

  • Rambo Malaysia

The latest firmware is V5.24 but i think it still have some bug in it. The phone cannot call sometime????? what a firmwire