Nokia 6230i

Nokia 6230i

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  • Anonymous

why do the memory cards end up having less memory than its sopose to have? I have a 128mb card, it ends up only being 122mb! :-s

  • ronald reid

ive had seven different nokia models,and this one is by far the best

  • Dale Dickinson

I work for Vodafone, and the 6230i can hold 1000 text messages

  • paul

if u wolde like some nokia secret codes email me at asking for them and i will sende them to you on email

  • Glacius

Just to double check, does anyone have any idea regarding the latest firmware for this handphone? My firmware is 3.40.. Some say it's v.3.50...and some say it's v3.66 ..??

Anybody has a fixed firmware version?

  • Glacius


Yes, you have told me before. I was transferring my files through the old method; which is to take out the MMC and plug it into a MMC reader.. THEN transferred the files;

I had no choice but to switch the phone on and off. I guess this is the only downfall of this phone.. Other than that, it's a great phone. I'm going to send it in for warranty today.. Damn ..

  • fendi

Hi guys...

I really need your help.Is anybody knows how many SMS message that can keep.Is it like 100??Your comments is appreciated and thank you in advance.....

  • mustapha

Please does anybody know if the nokia 6230i supports DV RS-mmc(dual voltage) or RS-mmc (reduced size) 1 Gigabyte mmc. Which one of them?


  • Zoe

I'm new to the 6230i and MP3's. Can anybody direct me to a easy to use guide of how to download music to my phone. Not sure if I have all the equipment I need. Thanks

  • Matija

My father has bought Nokia 6230i and it's incredible.One big Hello from Serbia and Montenegro

  • mark

itz coz the 6230i duznt suport a gigabyte memory card it supposrts up 2 a 512 meg lol

  • Anthony Singh

I have the nokia 6230i and the phone is brilliant...the best thing about it is the mp3 player and the mem..

  • Paul

i got a nokia 6230i for chritsmas and it is cool AS!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only bad thing is that the photos take up to much memory

  • Kabir

I bought a 1 GB MMC card for my nokia 6230i that is not working properly with my mob. Its work with my DigiCam but when I put the card on ph and try to access, it asks for format but when I try to format the card it show “operation fail”. How can format the card with my mob?? Do I need any software upgrade with nokia? can anyone info me pls?? Thanks.

  • Meco

can any one tell me how can i play videos with the real one playr

  • Lee

Selene, it is not possible to use the radio function via your luetooth headset.
the earphone set you get with the phone also acts as an aerial so this is the only way you can use the radio...
i hope this is of help

  • user

the latest software is 3.62 but this version has a problem.when u start gprs the starts to nokia has taken th ephone back to put a lower version.How are the other versions.whr is it possible to find out what is updated in the software there any site that can give this info

  • wakar

Hi all,

i did have the same problem as the other person where the fone switched off randomly. i got a firmware upgrade and now am on the following:

i was on 3.42 before. since new upgrade no restarted what so ever

Nokia 6230i
13-Sept 05
GSM P1.1

  • Wong

i tot i told u before that is the firmware problem. i think the mose recent firmware is 3.5.

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It will brings some help on the question u want to ask if u r new in the circles...

good day everyone!!

6230i huraay!!!

  • osesan

Hi all,
i sold my 6680 and bought this phone.
6680 was so slow.
but now i can not install any programs to this phone.
i clicked and downloaded some jar progs but
they can not be installed to 6630i.
how will i install?