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  • VodaBen

Just as a counterpoint, my 6230i has never frozen during anything - video clip or whatever. (sw ver. 3.30)
I use a 512MB MMC i got at an electronics store, not a Nokia one. I have about 400MB of music on it in 6 playlists, and about 20MB of movies.

  • Slymin

Hey Blade,

5mins is gr8, like you say it enought for music clips, gotta try your one, 2mins an't enought. Thanks 4 the info, b4 I read your posting I didn't even know my 6230i could do what it can. I'll keep trying to find a full version cause I'm greedy & want to put a whole movie in my phone, will advise if I can when I can.

Thanks again m8

  • yoo

so jonh can i buy this phone.for its sound quality.can i trust you all nokia lovers

  • chin


yeah its true that this phone has got some probs.. but compared to its cost, its a good deal.. the only probs i've faced are

1]when i use a memory card that is NOT a nokia MMC.. when a non-NOKIA MMC is used, anything like a ring tone, wallpaper sms tone.. etc etc.. wont work as it should.. the same file if put in the phone memory OR the MMC provided witht he phone will work PERFECT.. the MMC brand i've tried is NCP... maybe some other brand MMC might work..

while playing a video(and video only, NOT a mp3 or some other file).. the phone jsut hangs in the middle.. the only way out is to switch it off and on.. i have tested this problem with different video files.. have put the videos in the phone memory,nokiaMMC,and non-nokia MMC.. the problem persists in all types memory.. so i guess its a problem with the phone..
the frequency of the problem is not to high. only once in every 10-15 times..
again, the software version i got is 3.25 .. so maybe if i upgrade the software it to the latest(maybe 3.40).. the issue will get taken care of..

as for the rest of the features.. the phone is excellent.. the sound quality is among the best in NOKIA phones(ofcourse the K750i is way beter).. its comparitively Faster than the series 60 phones..

well... decide for urlself john

  • john

what'z up nokia 6230i users...
i want to have this phone but my friend discourage me not to buy because, he says that this phone have problem because of its program.It' true or not. somebody can give me an advice.

  • Anonymous

hello,this phone cannot play .wav file. but u can alway convert it to .amr to play on the phone.

yes, the sound quality is very good. i didnt use the k700i so i cant compare.

one problem is when playing a file in media player(not music player) the light will remain on thruout the playing. i hope they can correct this is future fw update as this will help save some battery power.

  • blade

hey slymin!

my version of imtoo is a demo too but it converts till 5min. tats enuf for music videos. but for longer u may have to purchase it or download it illegally through somewhere!! no offence!

damn the 3250 is come out.. god knows how it compares to the 6230i.......

  • yoo

wheater it play wave file or not and it sound quality is like k700 or not pls help

  • slymin

Hi Blade,

Read your email dated 27/09/2005 inregards to converting avi to 3gp so as you can watch movies on your phone, it was a great help, converted 2 mins of "Fat Pizza the Movie". I found the "imtoo3gp" software on the net the only problem is that it will only let me convert 2 minutes of movie unless you buy the regerstration. Would you know how I could get a fully working version free?

Thanks heaps

  • CrazyFor6230i

Hi NokiaMia,

I read your reviews very carefully over the year and I have read all the other comments about 6230i as well, I have finalized for 6230i upto 95% (It beats all Nokias hands down) inspite of N91s 6681s ... and others..., simply because it packs in the maximum features possible. But the only thing which was not discussed in the complete 1 year and above reviews is -

How does the 6230i perform in terms of its Class 10 GPRS-EDGE as compared to Class 6 GPRS-EDGE of say Nokia 7260. I searched all the internet but not a place where I could find the benchmark of Nokia's EDGE Download performance which is the actual download speed available to a person when he connects to the internet through 6230i. What is the actual download speed available to a user when he downloads say a 5 MB file from the internet.

  • Anonymous

when u plug in the data cable,if u wish to access phone memory using the nokia pc suite, then when the phone screen says "use phone as data storage device?" u must choose 'reject', so that nokia pc suite can connect to the phone to show 'Nokia 6230i connected via USB', then u can use it to see the phone memory.(C: drive). at least thats how it works for my case.

  • Samsuddin

Go for the best and get the best-Nokia 6230i.
The phone with everything provided. "BEST"

  • zpimp

can anyone tell me how to access the phone memory, i got driver/soft/cable. when i plug in the phone the mmc card apears as another drive, and i can only use the mmc card. anyone familiar with this kind of problem? please help

  • haveagoade

Someone said they have a lot of pics and the phone slows down when opening files. well the answer is to devide eache folder up to subfolders, like windows, this then allows quicker opening of a file containing lots of pics,as each pic is not opened to produce the little preveiw pic.

Always a good idea to catagorise your pics anyways, as can save for you to do on the bus to work, you'll see how much quicker each folder will open.

  • Original_Jamaican

NokiaMia, today (September 28 2005) I formatted my MMC . Originally when I got the phone it had some multimedia stuff on it (video clips) and the phone stated that the card has a totally capacity of 30.3MB, after formatting it reported 30.5 which still isn't good. This is supposed to be a 32MB memory card so you get the feeling that the phone has stolen 2MB from it.
My question to you is, is the 6230i the same ? Does it state less than the actually amount ? I'm hoping it gives more.
At first I thought that this 'Less-Than-What-You=Are-Supposed-To-Get' thing only applied to Windows PC due to it's file system. I guess cell phones has adapted this bad habit as well.
Please shed some light on the 6230i's file system habits. I appreciate your input as always. Take care.

  • Beth

Can anyone tell me how I save a tone to the message file on my 6230i so I can use it when a msg comes in? I can only seem to save it to the ringtone file.

  • CT

i have a problem of some tracks with chinese file names not showing in the track list i have made with the audio manager while they can show in the 'universal' all tracks tracklist.

  • peter lobendhan

mp3 playe always jumps using nokia music converter and nokia 32 mmc card any advice?

  • peter lobendhan

I have had 3 replacement 6230i's from o2 online and my friend at work 2 replacements why? because the mp3 skips tracks or plays 4 to 12-18 seconds of a track then forward to next-we both took handsets to the Nokia service centre oxford street london tohad the the software upgrade done which turned out to be 3.45 as before and it still jumped.
1 . we used the Nokia 32mb and a jessops/Kingston/vodafone /128/128/512mb card and using the nokia music converter to copy music to card's they all had the same problem some days worse than others some tracks dont even show some track tiles-but when we put mmc card in our old 6230 not a problem at all so can someone advise me what to do and why o2 carphone w/hse dont seem to know what to do

  • mahmoud

Can any one tell me why when I change the wallpaper and turn off the mobile and on again I loses my wallpaper and it returns again to the default one! Is that normal for 6230i?!